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Samsung Galaxy Book Pro

(Topic created on: 02-03-2022 04:09 PM)

OK. I have a relatively new Galaxy Book Pro Laptop - so far, so good - a nice bit of kit.  However, I was going to upgrade the SSD for a 1 TB version BUT - a quick peek inside reveals (I think) a different (much shorter) SSD than I was expecting.  I haven't had the back right off yet - does anyone know how many SSD slots are in the Galaxy Book Pro (NOT the 360)? Are there more than one ?

And, if so, what type/serial number/make SSD do I need to get to add to any spare slot? Anyone know the type of SSD inside ?  Samsung have no support for this type of technical question so short of taking t back to the Samsung Shop and asking for them to send it away etc. I am hoping someone can help from the community .....


Hi. Hope the info below helps, but don't hold me responsible if things don't work, I'm just trying to help.

Mobile Tech Review by Lisa -  Note Links to this don't always work, you might need to search. Try this link Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 Review - YouTube 

Lisa from Mobile Tech Review    

Look on Youtube - I tried to put a link here but it does not work.

She removes the back from a Galaxy book 360, (About 9 minutes into the video) its got a full length M.2 22/80  One slot nvme type Please check all specs.

Then there is - a Tech Connect video 

How to Upgrade Samsung Galaxy book Pro to 1TB SSD. Now it Boots in Under 9 seconds! - YouTube


I have only ever seen the Galaxy Book Pro with 256 and 512GB in the UK. So be carefull.


I have three Samsungs

Galaxy Book S i5

Galaxy Book S Qualcomm

Galaxy Book Pro i5

In these I have increase the storage by adding  Samsung 256GB Micro SD Cards, quick and easy. Good Machines. 

Don't forget that once you take the back off, the Samsung warranty is probably void



Thanks Bob.  I have now (easily) fully removed the back - a straight forward and carefully done job. As I suspected there is a much smaller PM991a NVMe (Model MZ-9LQ512) SSD, and there is also a second slot where a 980/970 EVO plus PCLe NVMe M.2  SSD could be mounted.

But I have put the back back on without trying as I have decided to also go down the 512GB Micro SD card route, and moved all photos and videos to this for storage. This has freed up much storage on the SSD which will hopefully usefully prolong its life.

Thank you for your reply - maybe I will take it to a computer expert and get it upgraded one day !


First Poster

Hi how do I find the serial number and model number for my Galaxy book pro 360? no number combination is working to register the product. 


Possibly the best place to find the Model and Serial number on a Galaxy Book Pro is by getting out your 5x magnifying glass and turning your laptop upside down. Look under the sound by AKG logo at the small print.

Or look at the labels on box for the laptop.


The numbers are on the BACK of the laptop base. BUT - be warned - they are incredibly small and written in grey / dark white on a white/grey base. Samsung, you could actually help here by making these crucial numbers clearer and easier to read.....


Also - they are on the outside end of the box the laptop originally came in. Take a photo of these numbers (if you still have the box) and save it for future ease of reference.

Options exterior de la caixa tenen uns nùmeros,però al interior,sota el pc...hi tenen una lletra més,així que si un et pren la caixa i vol registrar el podrà!!!!!

aquest truc es un antilladres perfecte!!!!