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Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 i7 v Macbook Air M2

(Topic created on: 4 weeks ago)
Time Based Bob
Computers & IT

Dear All

At the moment i own two Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360's a i7 12th gen and a i5 11th gen both 13 inch.

I have now moved to the MacBook Air M2 

This is a good machine, in particular the M2 chip is much more energy efficient than the i7 12th Gen.

The Mac systems take a bit of getting understood when never used before, but after two weeks I am now fully familiar.

Just a note for Samsung UK customer service (If there is any) and Intel customer support (I never really found that either) If you are selling a £1500 laptop there must be some customer support that can be contacted and issues discussed. ie Please try to follow the methodology Voice of the Customer - Critical to Quality - Key Characteristic. Commonly known as VOC-CTQ-KCs.


Computers & IT
Agree Samsung aftersales is not even and afterthought.

That said as much as i try Apple (tablets, mobiles, watch, airpods, airtags), for me Samsung/Microsoft integration just gets better, case in point my Book2 Pro 15.6 I5, has resulted in me passing on my Tab S8 Ultra to my son and ipads, airpods all sold or gifted.

Once Windows 11 offers proper app installs it will be perfect for me.
Regards, Obsydian

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Computers & IT

Hi, @Time Based Bob  and @Obsydian. It's always good and important to acknowledge feedback, and I can assure you that there are a lot of Support and contact options available here:


Effectively, our Support Teams are only a call, In-store visit, social media post, Live Chat message, or even video call away! The aforementioned repair portal also provides a lot of tips if any customer is experiencing an issue on a device.

In addition to that, there are various official tutorials and guides online. 

If there is anything specific that you had in mind, with regard to supporting the Book and Book2 Series, please let me know and I'll definitely pass on your feedback.