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Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 i5 1165G v Galaxy Book Pro 360 i7 1260P

(Topic created on: 17-10-2022 04:26 PM)
Time Based Bob
Computers & IT

Dear All

I forgot to say in my previous replies re the above Laptops.

Although both machines are almost instant in everyday MS Office, email and Edge applications the i5 11th edition still feels better.

I have never received a response from either Intel or Samsung to my question re slower boot times on the 17 12th Gen. It might be due to the extra security layer on the Bios, but it would be good to get some feed back.

On the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 3. We need to see a thinner bottom chin bezel, bigger M.2 ssd, better screen refresh rate and larger capacity battery (Say a 70) as a minimum. 

So current status Galaxy Book Pro 360's v the rest - Dell xps, HP Spectre, LG Gram and Huawei Matebook X is very good.