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Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 13 inch i7 Battery Life at Idle 2days 11 hours

(Topic created on: 28-06-2022 07:51 PM)
Time Based Bob
Computers & IT

Additional adjustments have been made to my Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 2 360 13 inch i7 Evo to improve battery life.

(The initial adjustments can be found in Samsung Lounge)

Please see below - Maximum battery life at idle = 2 Days, 11 Hours in Dark mode. This translates into around 2 x 9 hour days of Word/PowerPoint. Outlook, Edge. 


Details of Intel disabled apps  

In MS Config System –

               Intel content protection = Stop

               Intel dynamic bandwidth = Stop

               Intel connect service = Stop

               Intel innovation platform = Stop

               Intel dynamic application loader = Stop

Then in services, check.

Intel analysis service = Disabled

Intel connectivity service = D

Intel dynamic bandwidth = D

Intel content protection HDCP = D

Intel dynamic application loader = D

Intel innovation platform framework = D

Intel management engine WMI provider =D

Intel connect service = D

To date I have not encountered any negative issues.

Comments and advice from Intel and Samsung appreciated. 


Time Based Bob
Computers & IT

Samsung Galaxy Pro 2 360 13 inch i7 

Battery life at idle photograph

Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 i7 Battery at idle..jpg