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Samsung Book Flex UK vs US

(Topic created on: 12-06-2020 05:30 PM)
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I'd like to start off by saying I've been a life long Samsung customer. I've had the S series since the S3 have never been interested in any other android/apple device. 
I currently have the Note 10+, planning to upgrade to the 20+ August/September. Also own the newest Samsung watch and ear buds. Long story short, I am Samsung through and through.
For the past few months, I've spent hours upon hours watching review videos, reading websites regarding the performance and specifications of the Samsung Book Flex. 
I did not read the specifications on the Samsung UK website after receiving an email about the early release and went straight to ordering the laptop, late last night. 
Upon waking this morning, I excitedly looked over the Samsung UK shop more thoroughly and seen the processor is an i5-1035, when on the American version/the version I've been researching for months has a i7-1085?
Is this true? Or is this a mistake on the Samsung UK website?
The price is more expensive in the UK. 1400 USD is approx 1100 GBP. Yet we have a 2 inch smaller screen, a slower, £150 cheaper processor with a £300 / $300 higher price tag?
I didn't know the specifications of your products were worse in the UK. Does this reflect to any of your other devices also? 
Why is this? I am so disappointed. I expect the best of the best from Samsung. Is this not deceiving to UK customers?
I've been so excited for this release and I feel so disheartened, there was no official mentions or statements of this difference prior to the release.
Anyone have any thoughts on this? Is this typical for brands? I am gobsmacked. 
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It is not a phone 😑.

There are various specs even if the external appearance is identical.... as always with a laptop....

You cannot compare price since there are taxes in between, also the processors are 10××× not 1××, thank intel for the crappy naming.

I would advise you to look for other devices with mobile ryzen 4000 cpus since they are better than current intel offering by a lot