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Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1TB is HOT and Slow (with Nvme Enclosures)

(Topic created on: 27/07/20 05:39)
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First problem: with 40Gbps Nvme Enclosures on the market that all use the same chip, 970 Evo Plus has 1200mb/s write speeds, in comparison, I had to buy a WD SN550 as a spare, it reaches 1900mb/s writes, which is it's spec - the read speeds are normal (watch Youtube videos too, ~1100mb/s on the tests)


Second problem: This thing is a fireball, benchmark it and it exceeds 90C's fast - on idle, it's ~60C - it throttles fast too, repeat the benchmarks and you see 400mb/s read/write speeds - comparatively, WD SN550 keeps it's cool, on the paper, it has half the speeds, but use both SSD's more than 30 seconds, Samsung throttles, while the other one keeps its specced speeds, so all in all, it's ~4X faster, while on paper, it's supposed to be 2X slower


I have a Chinese 40Gbps enclosure that I wouldn't wish upon my enemies, I also have a beautiful Asus ROG Strix Arion 10Gbps enclosure, it performs better on Asus, yet, the idle temps are present on both


I honestly really regret getting this SSD, if only I knew, I wonder if a firmware update etc. could fix these issues?