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Pulling 850 Pro or 850 EVO from old laptop and using as external SSD with USB-C MacBook Pro

(Topic created on: 12-10-2020 12:00 AM)
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I've got an older MacBook Pro that I installed two 1TB SSD's in, one 850 EVO and one 850 Pro. I just use it for a couple of older programs that run on older OS, so I don't need both SSD's in it anymore. So I want to pull one of the SSD's out and use it as an external SSD backup drive. 

I don't believe there's much difference between the 850 EVO and 850 Pro, but wondering if one would work better as an external SSD drive attached via USB-c / Thunderbolt 3, the connections on my 2019 MacBook Pro?

Any suggestions on best cables to connect the puled SSD to either USB-c or Thunderbolt 3 on the 2019 16" MacBook Pro?

Additionally, any enclosures I should use for either of the SSD's, or are they fine being left "bare"? I won't be using as a travel drive, it will stay in my office as a backup only.


Computers & IT
I'd just pull out the drive that doesn't have the OS on it. The speed difference for consumer use is hardy negligible.

The 1st question you need to ask is :-
'Does my device support Thunderbolt 3?' If the answer is yes and you want to obtain the fastest 40Gbps speed then you need to make sure your caddy supports it and also you buy a dedicated T3/USB-C cable (One may be included in the box).

If the answer to question one is no then just buy any old USB-C caddy with a USB-C cable.
If you are using USB-C then you may want to ask yourself question 2.
'What speed will I get from my port?'

Well this answer can get a bit mind boggling but there's an easy way to understand!
USB-C 3.1 GEN1, USB-C 3.2 GEN1 are the same, it wouldn't matter if it was USB-C 3.3/3.4.......3.259 GEN1 its still the same! Do you see where this is going it's the GEN that depicts the speed of your port!
GEN1 = 5Gbps
GEN2 = 10Gbps
GEN2+2 = 20Gbps
Thunderbolt 3 = 40Gbps

I hope this helps someone.