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Pro book 360 cracked screen (no physical accident damage)

(Topic created on: 03-06-2023 03:23 PM)

I purchased a Galaxy Pro Book2 in January, from Curry on line in UK

in March I opened my computer to work and I saw a hair line crack, I had not dropped nor damaged the computer. I had just opened up the lid, nothing more, nothing less.

The top lead on the ProBook is very flexible, and I find that there is a manufacturers design fault in this laptop, Samsung and Currys both do not identify that there is a fault and refuses to resolve this matter. 

I have read lots and lots of people with exactly the same problem as I have, but yet these companies do not acknowledge that there is a fault and we are left to pay the cost to get our items repaired.

there is one legal company in America that would like to take up this matter, but I am in the UK not in America. Therefore it doesn’t apply to me.

I am therefore contacting The UK governments trading standards to look into this matter.

if anyone in the UK would also like to email directly to the UK governments trading standards, the email address is

The more people that sent emails to the trading standards, requesting a recall on this product, the more that Samson has to answer to the government and for us to have our consumer rights the field. 

#Samsung #Samsungpro360crackedscreen #consumerrights #Tradingstandards 



This is shocking, I have had the same thing happen to me last week! I hadn't thought have emailing trading standards so appreciate this post.

Mine was just shy of 6 months absolutely ridiculous that I'm facing a £416 repair bill just because my laptop couldn't handle being picked up (with the lid closed). 


I am now in the same boat, with a Screen that cracked on day 31 and I have to decide what to do with Samsung calling it "physical damage" and refusing to acknowledge it is a problem with the computer.

I am wondering if anyone eventually had any luck with any of the options they looked into.

Thank you

First Poster

Hi there, I am facing this identical issue after purchasing a laptop direct from Samsung UK 10 months ago and am going through the process to try to get a refund on the laptop as the screens are clearly not fit for purpose. Even if I was offered a repair (Samsung say any damage to screen after 30 days is considered physical damage not covered by warranty), it would not solve the issue of the very flimsy design. In order to get enough evidence to support a legal case against Samsung I need to get an expert opinion on the issue according to Which Legal advice. Has anybody done this already?

It might help to support this case if we could collate everybody's official complaints sent to Samsung and UK Trading standards somehow. Am guessing this is an issue world-wide so complaint data from outside of UK would help support this case. 

Hoping the power of this community forum can make Samsung realise they have a very serious issue with their laptop screen designs across their range. In over 20 years of using laptops I have never had a broken screen issue.