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portable blu ray writer Model SE-506, firmware update and windows 10 driver needed

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Dear Sirs,


I have change the operating system of my PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10.


When I connect the portable blu ray writer Model SE-506 via USB I can work with CDs and DVDs. But Blu Ray discs are not being recognized anymore.


It seems that the player is not compatible to Windows 10 at all.

Where can I get a driver for Windows 10 and if needed a firmware update?


Many thanks,



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Me too. My Samsung SE-506CB external USB optical drive, which I bought in 2016, over a year after Windows 10 was released, doesn't work when connected to Windows 10!


Samsung said it would work with Windows, but now I try that, it doesn't.


This is ridiculously poor support from Samsung.




I'm in the exact same situation. Bought it in 2015, worked early on and hasn't sinced. Thought it was just me, but have quickly realized it's just a defective product.

Hello AntS-Moderator


Heard nothing from you for 3 weeks now and still more disillusioned owners of the SE-506 keep coming out of the woodwork. This is a disgraceful predicament that Samsung has left customers in and we all deserve positive action to correct the situation.

We need the forum moderators to re-awaken Samsung to the problem and secure for us the true support that we are entitled to. No more head-in-sand tactics from the manufacturer.


Hi guys.


Haven't forgotten about you - nor will I. We're still chasing this up, and I'll update you as and when I can.

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I have exactly the same issue. My firmware is TS01 and it was released in 2014. This is a Toshiba/Samsung drive, but I still would like it to work under Win 10.  Please keep me posted. 


@AntS, how do i get support on this same device for a iMac Desktop running High Sierra OS?

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This is a joke and very poor from Samsung who I thought had a good name for customer service


I am running El Capitan 10.11.6  on a late 2009 iMac and are having the same sort of problem


The drive appears to mount if I insert a CD or DVD but wont if I insert a BD-R, I have been though a whole spindal of new Verbatim BD-R disks and not one would mount  


It is radiculus that this has stopped working after a year




Thanks.  What support can they can provide which can't be provided by replying to this thread with the details of how to resolve the issues, please?  (Just want to be sure this won't be wasting anyone's time.)


@TracyR wrote:

Hey @Hedgehog@alex_74o@trilotus@mikep6dd and @ChampaignDad


For Blu-ray writer support, please contact:

00 800 8010 8011





Thank you for this. Is this official support supported by Samsung? Is it free? What information can they provide which can't be posted in this forum, helping everyone who has contributed to it and who later finds it? (I'm just trying to establish that no-one will be wasting their time by following this advice.)
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