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portable blu ray writer Model SE-506, firmware update and windows 10 driver needed

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Dear Sirs,


I have change the operating system of my PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10.


When I connect the portable blu ray writer Model SE-506 via USB I can work with CDs and DVDs. But Blu Ray discs are not being recognized anymore.


It seems that the player is not compatible to Windows 10 at all.

Where can I get a driver for Windows 10 and if needed a firmware update?


Many thanks,



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well read then they probably read. but they do not plan to do anything. In correspondence, they translate the arrow and advised to contact the manufacturer (Toshiba)


If it works with DVD then that confirms it is functional. See my above posts, Win 10 doesn't support Blu-ray movies automatically. You have to buy a Win 10 compatible Blu-ray player software or if more technical then google 'Windows 10 AACS' and follow the instructions. Blu-ray has encryption security needed to play which isn't part of the OS so needed for VLC or Windows Player (or any player) to read Blu-ray movies.


the whole misunderstanding is that my drive does not see the blur even on old windows.
DVD works in any mode and on any system, but as soon as you put on the blur - no

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Works fine on WIndows 10 for me.  Use the VLC media availble here Add the AACS decoding avaialble here

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