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Performance of Samsung 970 PRO 512GB SSD

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Hi Folks,


I have upgraded my ThinkPad X270 with a Samsung 970 PRO 512GB SSD.  The drive works fine but when I run the performance benchmarks in Magician I get:


  • Seq. Read 1,684 MB/s
  • Seq. Write 1,667 MB/s
  • Random IOPS Read 124,023
  • Random IOPS Write 112,060


This is well below the documented performance as follows:


  • Seq. Read up to 3,500 MB/s
  • Seq. Write up to 2,300 MB/s
  • Random IOPS Read up to 370,000
  • Random IOPS Write up to 500,000


Now I accept that these are theoretical maximums but the gap is significant.


The ThinkPad X270 has the following specification:


  • Windows 10 Pro 64 bit version 2004
  • Intel Core i5-6300U CPU @ 2.40GHz
  • 16GB RAM
  • Latest version of Magician
  • Drive interface PCIe Gen. 3 x 2


Could someone please confirm if the above is to be expected or whether I am missing something?


Many thanks






First Poster

Hi Folks,


Just checking in to see if anyone can assist me with my query?


Kind regards





it looks like ur computer is using a pcie 2.0x4 slot which is why ur speeds are what they are..

to get the 3,000 speeds you need pcie 3.0 x 4 slot...  check ur devices specs to see if this is the case.

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