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Netflix & Amazon Video putting my Odyssey G9 into standby

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I've just received my Odyssey G9 today and it has all been set-up and working really well with Windows 10 and also playing several games.


I have however just tried to watch some video content from Netflix and Amazon Video. I have downloaded both of these from the Microsoft Store.


When I open the Netflix App the screen flickers and then goes into standby. If I use Alt+F4 to close Netflix then the screen comes back on. This all happens before I am able to log in.


With Amazon Video, I am able to login and brows the content. However when I click on a movie to view more information the app does the same as Netflix. It makes the screen flicker and then go into standby. I press Alt+F4 to close the app and then the screen comes back on.


I've tried reducing the refresh rate from 120 to 60 and also turning V-sync off but nothing changes. I'm not sure what else to try.

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Get same issue on my end

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