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lh55mdbplgc/en monitor safetylock


I bought a second hands monitor from a fitness center that closed his doors
nowhere to find the owner of that place 😞
is there a way to unlock the safetymode and the button lock on this monitor without the pin?
kind regards Tim

system reset

Hi @Tim1981 ,


to lock off the Safety lock you will need to follow these steps: To unlock the menus and buttons, press the LOCK button and then enter the password (default password: 0 - 0 - 0 - 0), as indicated on the manual, found here:

They changed the standard pincode as i mentioned :winking-face: thx

How do i reset it without the right pin code ?


My bad @Tim1981 , you will need to reach them to get the right PIN as there isn't any other way to reset this, I'm afraid.

thats the problem i cant find the person who sold it becaus its a fitness center that is closed 😕 i dont know anyone who knows the owner

Thx in advance

Is there a type of remote controler i need to use? i have an older samsung remote? i see now that i can get the pin (password) menu on top of the screen. maybe its because i got the wrong remote

there will be a way to reset by reading the manual, which is usually available online

i dont think you read my post decent 😛 i dont have a pasword of remote controler ... every button on the back is in safetylock :winking-face: i cant get in the menu

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