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Known sound quality issue with Galaxy Book 2 360?

(Topic created on: 14-11-2022 04:14 PM)

Is there any known issue with the sound quality of Galaxy Book 2 360?

I noticed when I am on zoom, the sound is coming in and out and I could hardly hear the speaker. I do this daily with another laptop with no problem.

I was wondering if this sound quality is expected, in that case, I am not very happy with the product... (Still in return period so I am trying to see if I can diagnose fast.)

So I wanted to check with the community if there is something I can do to test to see if this is a hardware issue or if there are any software updates, etc. that some of you might have tried and solved...

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I have bought a galaxy book2 pro and been experiencing a similar problem on Zoom where the audio will get muffled and go in/out for up to 10 seconds at a time.  I thought it was my bluetooth speaker at first..  I just tried the fix you suggessted.  I will wait until tomorrow to see if it works.  *Fingers Crossed*  THanks!


Hello, just to follow up... I changed the setting and still had choppiness in my Zoom audio speaker test.  I went to the zoom audio advanced settings and changed the following setting to Off.

Signal processing by Windows audio device drivers...  This made my audio sound clear.  Still have the other setting changed too.  HOpefully, this is the fix!

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I had the same zoom sound  issue with my brand Samsung book3 pro 360.  Unfortunately I had to return it and got a Lenovo yoga(not slim as samsung but proformase wise is just as great).  Was so sad because for that price it was not worth the frustration and limited features such as no mic button on keyboard, have to press the FN key to turn up and down volume.  They need to remodel this Computer ASAP before people start getting discourage and say forget samsung