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Is this Evo Plus 32 GB (MB-MC32GA/APC) counterfeit?

(Topic created on: 04-09-2019 05:30 PM)
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After a while of researching I have decided to buy this SD card, 2 of them, from a trusted e-commerce site. Unfortunately, they were out of stock so they have passed one of these orders to another seller which I did not hear the name of. In the end, I ended up with two slightly different cards. One came from the trusted store (I'll call it Card 1) and had the model number MB-MC32GA/TR. Living in Turkey, this is normal. H2TestW reports 26 MB/s write and 40 MB/S read. All normal, in sight, verified with UFD Validation Utility. The problem is the second one. It has the model number MB-MC32GA/APC instead and has a "Made in Taiwan" sign on the back of the card (as opposed to the "Made in Philippines" sign on the packaging) and H2TestW reports 14/20 MB/s write/read. The front images seems all same except the black band is significantly bolder and Plus is written as (+) in Card 2.


The backplate of Card 2 says:


(the labeling is parallel to the pins, as opposed to card 1 which had perpendicular label)




SMIM2691 1805

Made in Taiwan


While the Card 1 says:

MB-MC32G  (SD Verification Available tick sign)



Made in Philippines 


I need help seeing if the Card 2 is a counterfeit, since I have called the Samsung local support and they simply said "there is no verification way possible for SD cards, you have to check with the seller" (Like a seller would say "Yeah, my item is a counterfeit") so if there is a way for me to get a confirmation from a Samsung representative in the way if it's fake, it'd be very helpful. I have included the front plates of the cards. The right side is Card 2.1 is the original one. Notice the difference in Plus and size of the features point.1 is the original one. Notice the difference in Plus and size of the features point.


Computers & IT

Hi @BSODX. Just checking our SD cards in the UK and they all contain the word 'Plus' rather than the symbol (seen here). I can't confirm it but the second card you have there doesn't look quite right.