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Hi, I ordered the galaxy pro 360 15inch on Wednesday with delivery promised Frid

(Topic created on: 06-08-2021 10:01 AM)
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Hi I ordered galaxy pro 360 15inch delivery promised for today. Last night I eventually found out via live chat there was no stock. I  checked web site  last night and this morning and it is still showing stock available! I have cancelled the order and tried to phone a manager but after about 10 minutes with the call handler samsung terminated the call at their end.
I am extremely annoyed with Samsung - why did they not contact me to tell me delivery would not happen, why is it still showing stock available and why was my all terminated. If call termination was an accident (which I do not believe) someone could have called me back as they hadn't the details, order no contact no etc.
I intend to takethisto the trades description peopleassamsung are deliberately misleading customers. 
I have a number of samsung tablets phones etc so up to now ihave beenhapp