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Gear 360 (2107) Action Director Activation

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I have downloaded and installed the Action Director but I can't find any activation code. 

Q1 - Is the software free? I have purchased a Gear 360 (2017)

Q2 - I have tried to find somewhere to buy the software but with no success. Google ' Buy Gear 360 Action Director' is not giving any results to purchase. Just down load.

Q3 - I have looked all over the Gear 360 box and can't find anything that looks like a serial number.


The main problem is my new windows laptop is not recognising the device


Any advice is greatly apprecaited.


Andy (andysfunbox)



Hi Andy,


The Action Director software is free to download - you can find all available software for the Gear 360 (2017) on our website here. It also notes what version of Windows is supported next to the download, so be sure to check that it is supported.


The activation key is the serial number of your Gear 360. You should be able to find this on a sticker next to S/N.


Hope this helps! :smileyhappy:


Having the same issue. The product key for Action Director is 30 chars, while the S/N for camera is 11. I can not locate my original box. Anyone know of some alternative software solutions if I can't use AD?



Problem Solved :


The link you and I found is an old link. Samsung need to update their inforamtion.


The correct link that will accept your 11 digit S/N is here.






I have been using Samsung products (TV's etc) for years now and have always held them with the highest regard. But this Action Director product key issue is consistant with a company that is absolutely clueless. I have contacted customer support and they are completley lost, it took me 45 minutes to finally get the response, "sorry the product key we gave you is incorrect but it's the only one we have, so you will have to go and ask Best Buy"???? Seriously. Come on Samsung, and please dont tell me the product key is the serial number, it's not!!!!!!


It is NOT solved!!!! Wake up!!!!!!


Hi @Rourke1965! We're looking into this for you, and we'll be in touch with some troubleshooting shortly. :robothappy:


Hi! Where did you buy your Gear 360 from? To activate the 2017 version, you'd need to download and install the correct version of action director onto PC. When selecting to open, it will request the serial number of the 360 camera. Then connect the camera to the PC via USB cable. It will now verify and activate the software. If you bought your Gear 360 (2017) from the USA, you can download Gear 360 Action Director for PC or Mac from: Let us know how you get on please. 

i have the serial number in my 360 camera, but i haven´t the serial of gear 360 directorm how i can have this serial in lost the manual.



Hi @undreams.


Just to confirm, is it the 2017 360 you've got? And which country did you buy it from?

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