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Galaxy Book Pro 2 360 i7 1260 Performance

(Topic created on: 13-04-2022 09:44 AM)
Time Based Bob

I now have four Samsung Galaxy Book laptops - Book Pro 2 360 i7 1260, Book Pro 360 i5 11Th Gen, Book Pro i5 11th Gen and a Galaxy Book Qualcomm 8cx, all 13.3" machines.

The Galaxy Book Pro 360 i5 11th Gen is the best for overall performance. After removal of all unwanted apps and stopping back ground apps running etc, the i5 (11th Gen) starts from cold in 7 seconds (i7 12th gen) is 11 seconds. Full charge battery life at idle is around 34 hours, (28 hours for the Pro 2 i7 12th Gen) this translates into 18 hours of usage with Office, emails, Edge, etc. 

The new Galaxy Book Pro 2 360 i7 1260 with 16Gb Ram and a 512Gb ssd therefore is disappointing since it does not seem to have the speed I expected over the i5 11th Gen with 8Gb Ram and 256GB ssd. Once again Intel seem to be adding a lot of complicated software which does not always mean better performance. All bios and software updates have been installed. 

Having said all that, anyone would be hard pressed to find an alternative brand that was so light, so thin (11.5mm) and had such a good battery life.