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Galaxy Book Pro 2 360 13 inch Fine Tuning.

(Topic created on: Friday)
Time Based Bob
Computers & IT

This post relates to the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 13 inch Laptops. Boot times - i5 11th gen 6-7 seconds, i7 12th gen 12 seconds. 

I have four Samsung Laptops, this post refers to fine tuning/improving performance and battery life on the Galaxy book Pro 360 i5 and Pro2 360 i7 12th Gen Evo. Windows 11 Pro. Both 13 inch machines.

First of all a summary. In my opinion the Galaxy book pro 360 13 inch machines are better or equal to other top end machines such Dell XPS, HP, Asus, etc. The Samsung machines are well built, aluminium, very thin at around 11.5mm, very light and the 360s have fully laminated thin bezel screens. After fine tuning I can see 34 hours battery at idle and 16 to 18 hours of email, office, internet use.

I have listed below adjustment made to my machines -

1. I have removed almost all of the Samsung apps except Samsung system (Fan speeds useful) and Samsung updates.

2. I have removed all other non wanted apps like Games, Disney, MS news, McAfee, Tips, One drive, Xbox, etc, etc. You will see the app list go from around 96 apps to 40. 

3. Small icons in task bar via registry tweak. and moved to the left.

4. Disable background running apps in Win 11. 

5. Screen brightness to about 60%.

6. In Edge settings, (Right hand side then left hand system settings) stop acceleration, tick boxes for close down apps after x seconds, apply energy savings. Plus in Group policy - stop Edge starting at Windows logon.

7. In setting, colours, etc untick visualisation.

8. In advanced settings, untick most boxes to improve speed. (ie untick sliding combo boxes, fading, etc)

9. Untick any items that start at Windows logon, I just leave Defender notification).

10. Remove any remaining apps not wanted like Xbox with Group edit runs.

11. Clear any temp files via %temp% Then restart. 

12. Stop Windows Widgets running via settings and Reg Edit. Typicall 7 widget can be seen running in the background in services.

13. Stop Windows search, sys main pre-fetch, connected user telemetry (messages back to MS) etc in services.

These are settings that suit my usage, I cannot accept any responsibility if the above fine tuning does not suit your needs.

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 2 360 13 inch machines are hard to beat in terms of overall performance.