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Galaxy Book flex2 quality touchpad and HDMI

(Topic created on: 29-04-2021 07:29 PM)

I just received today my Galaxy Book Flex2 i7 and I have two concerns that I would like to know whether they are normal or I have had bad luck and got a defect device:

1. The touchpad click is triggering a "metallic sound" as if some keys on the keyboard were loose. The left click is making the noise more than the right click. It is happening at the same time that the normal click noise from a pad, but sounds not completely normal. Has someone experience the same?

2. The HDMI port seems not to work in terms of transferring the audio to the TV or monitor. I have tried two different HDMI cables and the computer transfers the video but not the sound. I have checked the sound settings under Device Manager and also under Sound. The drivers are up to date as well as software, etc, and still the audio is not transfer automatically nor I have the option to choose HDMI audio output manually, only the integrated Sound output (Speakers Realtek Audio) are showing. Under Sound- Playback only the Speakers and Headphones are showing but the HDMI icon is not appearing either under disable or disconnected.  

I have to mention that the same TV works perfectly and the audio is being transferred without installing any extra thing with both HDMI cables and 3 other different computers (Apple, Lenovo and Acer) and Windows 10.

I hope someone can help on this.

Thank you in advance.