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C49RG94SSU with 2 PC's

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Hello everyone,


I've got a new C49RG94SSU and if I get it right, it is possible to swtich more than 1 device to the monitor. So I switched my PC an my laptop to it. 

PC via DP and Laptop via HDMI. I have also switched PDP mode on and got both screens on my display, everything was fine sofar. 

Now I am trying to use monitor as USB-Hub not only for my PC, but for the laptop too. I switched USB-Hub to my PC, switched Keyboard and mouse to monitor.... and now I donno how to switch laptop to monitor (or to the HUB on the monitor) in such way, that I could use my mouse and keyboard (which already plugged to USB-Hub on monitor) on my laptop too? 

Now I just have my screen divided it two parts, with two mouse and two keyborads. I am pretty sure, that I saw on youtube some guy just had both screens of two devices on the monitor and he could use only one mouse to work with both devices... even transfer files between devices.


I have read the manual and I didn't get it 😞


Could someone help my here please?


Best Regards


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I'm  having the same problem with Samsung LC49RG90SSUXEN monitor brought weeks ago .. and it looks as if i will return it I did not have a solution shortly s  I bought it because of this feature 😞

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Having th same issue as well. looks like samsung has to create more documentation on how to setup and use the features of the monitor. otherwise it is useless.

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