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Boot time Comparison Galaxy Book Pro 360 2022

(Topic created on: 09-06-2022 09:30 AM)
Time Based Bob
Computers & IT

Please find below a comparison of cold login times on my Galaxy Book Pro 360s -  11th Gen i5 and the slower login 12th Gen i7. Still no explanation from either Intel or Samsung UK.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 13 inch i5 -1130G7 8GB 256GB Boot to login 7 Seconds.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro2 360 13 inch i7-1260P 16Gb 512GB Boot to login 12 Seconds.

Based on using both the machines in my experience I would in future opt for the i5 versions.

Other comments -

With a lot of bloatware removed and background running apps stopped, battery life on both machines is excellent. At full charge idle battery life can be as high as 32 hours. Using the laptops for MS Office, emails and Internet this can transpire into two days of usage without charging.

Other good design features relating to the Galaxy Book Pro 360 13 inch are - narrow side and top bezels, fully laminated screen, very thin profiles 11.5 - 11.9 mm, very light. At this point in time I cannot see competitor products that can compete.

Future improvements that could be made - bezel-less, ie no bezels at all (Side to side screen), more M.2 ssd capacity up to one or two TB, even high capacity batteries.

Please can someone explain the slower boot times from the Intel 12th Gen evo.