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970 evo plus 500GB Slow

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Hi Guys, 


Ive got a Asus Maximus XI Hero.


Im running the latest firmware and Driver for the NVMe from Samsung and made sure UEFI and Secure boot with Gen 3 x4 enabled but dont get anymore then 1750mb/s read and write.


anyone shred some light on this? 


im using the bottom M.2 slot on the MB and temps are below 50c.


 MB is running the new bios

CPU is i7 - 9700k

GPU is Asus 1080ti 

Ram - LPX 3600mhz 16gb

OS Windows 10 Pro 64bit



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I have a very similar problem, Please can some help us! read 1750MB and write +- 1524MB. Updated new drivers, firmware, fresh new windows 10 pro, etc..BIOS. Why am i not getting +-3500MB speeds


I have same problem. I installed the drive into a Asus 2 year old ultra book and samme issue. The read/write speed caps at 1800/1700 mbs. 

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Same here, after I do the firmware upgrade, this is what I get

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Try to set new RAM timings, I had same issue and after I'v changed timings the speed was about 3k

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