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Unleash the Power of Aquaman with SmartThings

Daniel S
Samsung Content Creator



Dive into the depths of innovation as Samsung introduces SmartThings for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, uniting technology and heroism in a way only Aquaman can. From protecting Atlantis to commanding the seas, here's your guide to bringing the powers of Aquaman to life with SmartThings.

Protect Atlantis with SmartThings Find

Navigate the lost kingdom and track your precious artefacts with the Galaxy SmartTag2, or use SmartThings Find to ensure you never lose your Galaxy device. Atlantis is counting on you! 

SmartThings Energy tracking: Trident not required

Channel the power of Aquaman's trident to dial back your energy consumption from the comfort of your den and contribute to saving the planet with SmartThings Energy. No trident necessary – just SmartThings.

Keep track of your creatures with SmartThings Pet Care

Even heroes need to see what their pets are up to when away from home. Use JetLive daily monitoring on the JetBot AI+ to ensure your kingdom is secure while you're away.

SmartThings Home: Command your lair

Take charge of your entire home from the kitchen by wielding SmartThings Home to harness sonar and telepathy vibes. For example, the Family Hub Fridge Freezer is your next best thing to mind control!

Unwind with SmartThings Entertainment after saving the world

After a day of ruling the seas, make family time even more memorable through SmartThings Entertainment. With the help of a Neo QLED 8K TV or a Q-series Soundbar, create the perfect atmosphere for chilling out in your cave.

Aquaman 2 Video Trailer – Dive Deeper

Curious about what's in store? Watch the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom video trailer right here, and don’t forget to check out the Capture Your Kingdom photography contest that’s currently ongoing. 

Embrace the power, save the world, and make every day an adventure with Aquaman and SmartThings. Your kingdom awaits! See more on and make sure to watch Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, only in cinemas.

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