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Keep your TV looking and running greatKeep your TV looking and running greatWhat’s that super long code on the back of my TV about? Should I know what it means? Where’s my e-manual? How should I clean my TV screen? Our pals at Support get asked these questions a lot, and we can see why. But that jumble of letters and numbers – the TV model number – is actually pretty easy to read, once you know how. And it turns out, there definitely are a tonne of wrong ways to clean your TV.


We thought it would be helpful for you guys on the Community if we put all this info in one place. So we’ve bundled together some of the most popular TV set-up and maintenance pages for you here:


How should I clean my TV screen?


What do Samsung TV model numbers actually mean? Why are they so long?


How do I update the software on my Samsung Smart TV?


How do I check the signal quality on my TV?


What is the default PIN of my television?


Where do I find the e-manual on my TV?


We hope you found this Support Splash helpful, 

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Superuser I
Superuser I

Great advice!


One tip for cleaning screens: Never ever use liquid not intended for screens - Those can damage the coating. 


Also, make sure that no water is dripping of the lint free cloth, water is... An expensive joke if something comes in :winking-face: 

Superuser I
Superuser I

Yes good advice, must admit that at times some smudges have proved resistant on my  TV.   I only use screen cleaner with the lint free cloth.