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Tips for Community users

Samsung Content Creator


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No one knows the Community like Samsung Makers. Samsung Makers are Community users who work tirelessly to answer questions, keep conversations going, and go above and beyond to share their love of all things Samsung. So, who better to ask for tips on how to get the most out of the Community?

We’ve compiled a few of our Samsung Makers’ best answers, so that you too can have the best possible Samsung Community experience!

Subscribe to what you love

You can receive alerts for posts about products that you love, ensuring you don’t miss a single thing! If you’re on the Community in your browser, simply go to the board you’re interested in, click on Options, then click subscribe. If you’re on the Members app, tap on the Category drop-down menu and tap the star next to the board you’re interested in. This way, they’ll appear in your Favourites section.




If you see another Community user who always posts content that you can’t get enough of, you can follow them too. Just head to their profile and tap Follow. It’s that simple!

Earn Community badges

You might have noticed that on users’ profiles, there’s a section at the top right with a collection of little circles with pictures in. These are all the badges that a user has earnt. If you want to earn badges and make your profile shine, all you need to do is be an active Community member! Earn the Launcher badge by answering ten questions; you can get the Lightning Rod badge when lots of users like your posts; and of course, the most coveted badge of all: Samsung Maker. There are over 20 different badges to earn, so you’ve got plenty of goals to keep you busy.





Personalise your profile

Badges aren’t the only way to make your profile look dazzling. You can upload a profile picture to ensure you always look your best when you leave a comment or start a conversation thread. And if you really want to leave your mark, you can add a personalised signature! Just head to your profile, and when you’re there, click on My settings, and under the Personal Profile tab, click Personal Information. Once you’ve added your signature, click Save changes.





Use the Community’s collective wisdom

The great thing (well, one of the many, many great things) about the Samsung Community is that it’s, well, a community! This means that someone has most likely had the same question about a product as you! If you’re looking for help with one of your Samsung devices, you can type your question into the search bar and find previous solutions to your queries. Of course, there’s always the chance that you’re the first person to ask the question. In which case, start the conversation yourself!


Show off your photography skills

It’s no secret that Galaxy phones have amazing cameras. So why keep your best shots to yourself? If you haven’t already, check out Photo Club, where you can get tips and discuss all things photography and share your best shots on the Galaxy Gallery. Your pics could even end up being chosen as one of the photos of the month!


galaxy gallery.png


Become a Samsung Maker

If you’ve been reading these tips, wondering how you become a Samsung Maker and get to know the Community this well, the answer is simple: be active! Ask and answer questions, find solutions to users’ problems, keep the conversation going, and generally spread your love of all things Samsung! So, if you want to become a Samsung Maker, just create a Samsung account and get involved!


Have you got any Community tips and tricks? Share them with us in the comments!


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