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Staying in part 2: Fitness and wellbeing

Community Manager






During this very surreal time, it's important to keep tabs on your emotional wellbeing. While everyone's situation is different, there are some common pointers that could help you to stay relaxed and refreshed


Take care of your space

You'll be surprised how energising it can be to take control of your living and work environment. Do some spring cleaning, wipe down surfaces every day and use aromatherapy and softer lighting to set a relaxing tone for the evening. Remember, increased time spent at home might put extra pressure on appliances and devices too, so be sure to take care of data backups, your TV upkeep and washing machine maintenance


Stay connected

Wellbeing_Staying_In.pngWhen staying home for long periods of time, it's totally natural to feel isolated and perhaps a little lonely. Establish time slots for video calls and remote social activities and honour them as if they were work meetings. You can share your tips and experiences by chatting with other Community members in the Lounge too. 


Make plans for free time

Planning activities in advance will give you something to look forward to and help to keep some feelings of boredom at bay. Be wary of pressurising discourses on social media – you don't need to emerge from this journey a published author or the CEO of a new start-up. Just do the things you like, at your pace.  



In its guidance on mental health during the lockdown, the World Health Organisation recommended monitoring time spent on devices and taking regular breaks from digital activity. Meditation, mindfulness, journaling and creative activities like cooking and painting are all good ways to relax away from the screen. The WHO guidance also advised reducing (or avoiding) alcohol consumption and limiting exposure to news reports to just one or two times per day. 




For many years, the benefits of working out have been linked to more than just physical fitness. Regular exercise can improve energy and concentration levels, reduce stress and even improve your sleep.


Do what you can

Exercise_At_Home.jpgIt's important to be mindful of your individual circumstances and to check in with government guidelines for updates. The BBC article on exercising while staying at home has some helpful advice about getting active, relative to your age and household situation, as well as your current state of health and the resources available to you


While staying in, there are plenty of everyday household objects – from cans of food and water bottles to books and towels – that can help you to stay in shape. Find some space, shake up your playlist and work with what you've got.


Use Samsung Health

Why not use Samsung Health to help structure your fitness activity? Pair the app with wearables like the Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Buds, set goals, track your progress and get accurate feedback about your nutrition levels and performance. For advice on maintaining a balanced diet you can also check out the UK National Health Service's Eatwell Guide




Find more tips on Explore's Self-care homepage, including how to prioritise health and wellness and get better sleep.

For exercise advice, head to Fitness.


If you've got some ideas of your own to share, post a comment below!

The Community Team 


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Samsung Helper

This is such a helpful way to provide ideas during these testing times. Thanks 

Superuser I
Superuser I

 Something I do to stay active is to try do dance for a few minutes after putting some music on. Or spend a bit extra time on chores (If it gets me active, it gets my brain active which means that I can get work done \o/ )


As the romans used to say "mens sana in corpore sano", a healthy mind in a healthy body. I find especially useful to do yoga and stretching at least 3 times a week for 20 minutes, it really makes your body feel good as well as your mind in peace with the world. Also, having pets, plants, some colour in the house you can focus on and meditate on the good things about life (nature for example) can really help seeing things coloured again.

First Poster

You have no idea how useful yoga is. I could not even imagine that it could take so much of my time. Initially, I planned to devote only a few hours a day to yoga, but later I realized how important it is and how it helps my health. In particular, I was able to completely get rid of plantar fasciitis. You have no idea how yoga and exercise from the site influenced my life. I am very glad that I was able to devote myself completely to yoga.