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Staying connected on the Community

Community Manager





We're living in an unprecedented reality right now. In a world of instant access and ceaseless movement, the images broadcast through our screens are nothing short of surreal. While a circumstance of this magnitude undoubtedly affects us all in distinctive, intensely personal ways, there are also experiences which we share separately, but together.


During this sensitive time, it is more important than ever to support each other in whatever capacity we can. As you know, Samsung customer support is a human team, so in the interest of safety it's running at reduced capacity right now. For this reason you might see more calls for help in the Community discussion boards than normal – and your knowledge-sharing skills and solutions have never been more crucial. 


But don't worry if you can't solve someone's question, because there are plenty of other ways to contribute. You'll be amazed how much a friendly comment, well-timed conversation or even a humble like can boost a fellow member's day. Here are some great ways to help the Community and stay connected.


Join the conversation

Community_Lounge.JPGThe Lounge is perfect for chatting about any topic, from cooking and photography to wellbeing and gaming. Come and rave about the docudrama you just binged, the workout you've devised using canned beans as weights, or that delectable recipe you've perfected for homemade cannoli. We want to hear from you. 


My_AR_Emoji.gifIf you've got tips for working from home, share them! Re-created your family in AR Emoji form? Head to the Comments of the AR Emoji article and show off your GIFs and stickers


Identify Accepted Solutions Accepted_Solutions_Symbol.JPG

Community_Accepted_Solutions.JPGA lot of you approach the discussion boards for fast, no-nonsense advice from people who really know their tech. It's a great place to get personal responses to questions you need answering right now. When you've found a fix for your query, mark it as an Accepted Solution. It will help others find the right info faster next time. If you're trying to find an answer, the green ticks will show you were to go.




Reach out

Community_Likes.pngWe're always searching for helpful tips, useful Support pages and valuable topics to share with you in the Newsroom, so let us know if you have any suggestions for content you'd like to see. If you enjoyed a post or have some feedback, hit Like or leave a Comment. Be sure to give your fellow members some likes and replies in the Discussion Boards, Lounge and rest of the Community too 👍.


Share content with those who need it

Community_Share_Article.pngDid you know there are about 180 different ways to share Community articles? From social platforms like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and LinkedIn to golden oldies like email, it's super easy to pass all the insider knowledge of the Newsroom onto others who might need it.


Know someone who could do with an extra language on their keyboard? Or who hasn't backed up their phone in years? Scroll to the end of a post and give that big SHARE button some love. 


Badges and ranks

Don't forget, there are 15 badges to achieve and 21 ranks to climb, all by chatting, interacting with and helping out other Community members. Everyone starts out as a New Joiner, but few scale the top levels to reach Maestro, GrandMaster or (**cue thunderous applause**) Legend. You can also unlock special privileges as one of our trusted Superusers...




Keep sharing, caring and co-creating, 

The Community Team 🤝


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