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We're living in an unprecedented reality right now. In a world of instant access and ceaseless movement, the images broadcast through our screens are nothing short of surreal. While a circumstance of this magnitude undoubtedly affects us all in distinctive, intensely personal ways, there are also experiences which we share separately, but together.


During this sensitive time, it is more important than ever to support each other in whatever capacity we can. As you know, Samsung customer support is a human team, so in the interest of safety it's running at reduced capacity right now. For this reason you might see more calls for help in the Community discussion boards than normal – and your knowledge-sharing skills and solutions have never been more crucial. 


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New Member

Bad experience with Samsung and their customer service. I would say the worst customer service ever. 


I ordered a Galaxy Buds + on April the 7th and its missing, i called Samsung customer service they said we will investigate it and get back to you.
No problem how long does the investigation take, Samsung call handler said 3-5 working days, called and emailed them a number of times, no reply whatsoever, everyone was given me different information, so I called after 9 working days and I have been told the investigation hasn't even started its pending. 
So she said give me 24 hours I will get this sorted for you and ask for the manger to call me back, they said the managers working from home therefore they only communicate via email, ok no problem how long do I have to wait for your manager to email me, so another 48 hours, waited 72 hours nothing.
Then I called back they said we will get this resolved for you within the next 24 hours, still nothing after 48 hours.
Then I called back on Sunday the 19th April they please give us another 48 hours we promise we will get this sorted for you. 
Called back today I was really fuming as I have wasted so much time on the phone to get though to them, and they answered still nothing apparently the manager hasn't even got back to their customer advisor who put the request through.
So I have left with no option but to dispute this case with my bank. I have already reported this to action fraud, police and trading standards. I am not gonna let them get away on how they treated me, I can not believe what a rubbish customer service nobody knows what they're doing. 
I said to the advisor can I have the managers name because I am already in contact with the head office she said we can't give you our managers name and I asked can I have your name she said we can't give you our names. Unbelievable.
The customer service horrendously terrible. They are not willing to help you and trying to get you of the phone as quickly as possible. 
I also emailed the CEO escalation team on how your customer service team dealt with me, lies after lies, misinformation after misinformation. 
How can your customer service lie to the customers. 
Today is 19 days no one has even replied to my emails or got back to me.
Its very upsetting especially during this pandemic. 

@Missing , No doubt that it is upsetting. 🙁


I'm guessing that you ordered from our Samsung UK Online Shop. And it sounds as though you've got various people on this one, so I don't want to make the communications on it muddled for you - but if at any time you do want me to get in touch with our Online Shop Team on your behalf, please send me a Private Message with your and your order's details, and I'll see what I can do for you. (To send a Private Message: click on my profile here, and then 'send a message'. I don't work weekends, but I'm on here during the day most weekdays.)


Hoping it gets fully sorted for you as soon as possible in any case. 

First Poster

Hi guys today I am sharing an idea of feeling better. With Covid19 still hanging around, if you get the sniffles, develop a tickily cough or even lack a little of the feel good factor, take a bowl of boiling water, put in the juice of a lemon, or even a spoonful of vicks, place a large towel over your head, place your head over the bowl ensuring the towel covers the bowl area(make sure your head is about a foot from the hot water )and inhale the vapours through your nose and out through your mouth. Do this in the morning but especially just before you go to bed, it will help you sleep and probably kill any unwanted bugs, leaving you refreshed.

Superuser I
Superuser I

Screenshot 2020-04-29 at 20.41.53.png


....Joking aside, its great to be a part of an international community! :smiling-face: 


No disrespect Mr manager @Discover but have you not been following all these complaints about this Disgraceful service regarding A90 5G? Ahh & @MickCid nice little message you posted 🙄but does a spoon full of sugar help the medicine go down in the real world! and also a reet good rub of Vicks solve the problems we all seem to be having with the A90 5G??? 🤔🤔 NO IT DOESN'T DOES IT 😤 

@ColinHall @Missing 


First Poster


I have always been a Samsung customer, things have been ok till I bought Samsung A70 phone online . Not long after I bought it, the phone was not charging , sent it for repairs under warranty , It worked for sometime and stopped . I escalated this to the head office executive customer service department as I believed it may be a manufacturing defect. That was the beginning of the worse customer service I have ever encountered . over a month of exchange of emails, threats from Samsung that it may be damage and may not be repaired . Wow , does that mean this big company make their profits on exploiting poor customers?. The phone is still not repaired . Why give a 2 year warranty when you know you are not going to honour such warranty?. Is this a scam?
When I get time , i will tweet some of their responses to my email. I might as well send the email trail to consumer watchdog.
This is sad and shameful.


@DISAPPOINt @Samsung customer services are absolutely Brainless

4mnths without contact with my son cause covid stopped the phones there and everywhere from working or the fact that the staff are again Brainless! 


First Poster

test :smiling-face:

New Member
got my note 20 ultra its burning up my ear when on call
First Poster

I read about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G and I would love to have one soon.

New Member
Have gad my Samsung s20 for 3 months and its the worst phone I've had, changed from Samsung 4 years ago because of the service and the phone, I came back and wish i hadn't
New Member

I heard about the Samsung foldable Screen Phone in 2018, has it been launched yet?