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Secure Folder

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Please Note: Availability of this hack or exact steps may be affected by your device model or OS. 


Your Samsung devices are designed to keep all your personal information completely secure,  but if you want to go that extra step when storing private or confidential files, Secure Folder has got you covered. Supported by the defence-grade security platform Samsung Knox, the encrypted space will keep files, documents, apps, contacts and more out of reach from anyone using your device. 


If you want to keep all that personal stuff out of sight, too, you can disguise the Secure Folder by customising its icon and name – or you can hide it from the home or apps screen entirely. It's also possible to back up all that sensitive data without having to remove it from Secure Folder first.


Set up Secure Folder:

If your device does not have Secure Folder pre-installed and is running Android 7.0 or later, download the app first. 




  1. With the device unlocked, swipe down from the top of the screen to reveal the Quick Settings panel
  2. Tap the cog-like Settings icon and find Biometrics and security and then Secure Folder
  3. On the Secure Folder welcome screen, tap Agree and sign in with your Samsung account

    • If you were already signed in, you will be prompted to confirm your password
  4. Wait for the Secure Folder creation wizard to complete. You will be prompted to set a lock:
    • For a pattern, PIN or password, select the appropriate option and tap Next 
    • For a biometric lock, make sure you have a pattern, PIN or password set as your screen lock and then slide the toggle next to Fingerprints
  5. Once your lock has been set, you will automatically enter your Secure Folder
    • On future visits, you can access your Secure Folder from the apps screen
  6. To add content, tap Add apps or Add files and select the items you wish to store
    • You can also move files directly from Samsung apps outside the Secure Folder. Launch the app, select the files you wish to transfer and tap the more options symbol followed by Move to Secure Folder

The more options symbol is a group of three dots arranged in a vertical line


Customise your Secure Folder:

You can customise your Secure Folder using its very own Settings menu, found by tapping the more options symbol from inside the app.




  1. Launch Secure Folder and tap the more options symbol and then Settings
  2. To change your lock, tap Lock type and enter your existing pattern, PIN or password. Select a new option and follow the steps as before
  3. To remove the Secure Folder icon from view, find Show icon on Apps screen and slide the toggle to deactivate
    • To customise appearance, tap the more options symbol from within the Secure Folder app and tap Customise. Change the app's icon and name and then tap Apply
  4. To change your automatic lock settings, tap Auto lock Secure Folder and choose an option
    • You can always manually lock after use by tapping the more options symbol from within the app and tapping Lock and exit

To back up data stored inside the Secure Folder, open Settings from within your Secure Folder and tap Backup and restore.


If you've got a hack of your own to share, let us know in the comments below!

The Community Team  🤝


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First Poster
how to remove content rom my secure folder?
Superuser I
Superuser I

@saavikam  It is  pretty straightforward to move items in and  of Secure Folder .   To remove items select the Requested Files and tap Move Out Of Secure Folder.   See more information here : 

I'm in a pickle. I don't seem to be able to transfer files in my secure folder in S9 to my new secure folder on S21ultra+
Please tell me it's easy to do and give me an *****s guide on how I go about it.
I need to send the 9 back soon 😫

This used to be how it works, but Samsung once again dropped the ball by not including the MOVE to SECURE FOLDER option in any of their apps, i.e Gallery and My Files on UK version BTU firmware

I now have the S21 Ultra and have to say i dont know what the hell their software teams are doing but it aint working

Good feature but recently I opened my Private Folder only to realise that everything is gone. Nothing there.
First Poster

I can say easily after use this has good options for the users. You can get more attractive free v bucks options. So just open and see how it works.