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Samsung teams up with Emily in Paris

Community Manager



Emily in Paris has got it all: beautiful Parisian locations, stylish characters, lots of drama, and plenty of laughs. The first season saw Emily relocate from Chicago to Paris, finding her way in the City of Light as she starts a new job in the luxury marketing agency, Savoir. Emily’s boss, Sylvie, is played by Samsung ambassador Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu.



Sylvie has it all: she’s great at her job, she’s powerful, and she’s effortlessly chic. So, of course, she needs the perfect stylish phone to keep on top of her personal and professional life. And there’s no phone more stylish than the Galaxy Z Flip 5G! This innovative foldable smartphone is the perfect accessory to help keep Emily and the rest of the agency on their toes! And for a stylish CMO, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G is perfect for flipping between business and pleasure.


But that’s not the only Samsung product you might spot glamming up the second season of Emily in Paris! Our latest premium products are showcased in the series, displaying Samsung’s ability to combine style, innovation, and craftsmanship.


Galaxy Watch3

The Galaxy Watch3 is a fashionable wearable that lets you track your workouts and wellbeing whilst staying stylish. And its classic design means that it can combine perfectly with any outfit, whether you’re dressing down for the office or dressing up for a night out.


The Serif


The Serif is a one-of-a-kind TV. With its versatile, elegant design, you can make the most of any space you put it in. Unlike a conventional TV, it doesn’t need to be placed next to the wall; its black metal stand means it can go anywhere, making it the centre of attention in any room! Along with an iconic design, its incredible picture will turn every show and every film into the ultimate viewing experience.


The Sero

The Sero has a world-first design: its rotating screen lets you seamlessly switch between horizontal and vertical content. One minute you can be watching Emily in Paris on Netflix, then flip the screen to view mobile content the way it’s meant to be seen!


Bespoke Fridge Freezer

The Bespoke Fridge Freezer is the perfect way to bring a little Parisian glamour to your kitchen. You can personalise the colours to best suit your style, with fourteen different options to choose from!


Have you spotted the Samsung products in the second season of Emily in Paris? Let us know in the comments!


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