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Samsung Sero: The TV that rotates

Community Manager




In the early months of 2020 we saw the launch of the Galaxy Book series – laptops built with the mobile generation in mind. The devices cherry-picked smartphone features like lightweight mobility and fingerprint technology, with Samsung DeX on-board for harmonious cross-platform integration. With The Sero we see the TV counterpart, a spec-studded smart TV boasting premium speakers and a rotating (that's right – rotating) QLED screen that puts the mobile user first. Cool right?


It comes as no surprise that the way we use technology has changed in recent times. Propelled by the boom of vertical-format content from the likes of Instagram and TikTok and a metamorphosis of working environments and needs, we've seen the proliferation of a new kind of lifestyle, where mobile is championed and media creation and sharing are second nature. 


The popularity of video has also surged. In March 2020, market research company Statista reported that global mobile video traffic amounted to 29, 149 petabytes per month in 2020, an increase of over 325% on the figure from 2017. A global survey in 2019 by the same firm also identified smartphones as the primary device used to watch online video by almost every age demographic. 


With this in mind, The Sero is really exciting. With its capacity to rotate between vertical and horizontal orientations, it's geared to showcase all kinds of content, from social feeds and messages to videos and documents. It also offers wireless screen mirroring for both iOS and Android through the SmartThings app and packs 4K AI technology for picture and sound optimisation 😎




“We are exceptionally proud to launch The Sero to the market,” said Dan Hastings, Director, TV and AV, Samsung Electronics UK Ltd. “[We] are able to capture the demand of smartphone/social media users by bringing an innovation that can display any content imaginable”.


Indeed, the versatile applications of The Sero exceed those of traditional content streaming. With the Sero Wheel you can physically move the screen with ease, while special Portrait and Ambient Modes allow you to display cinemagraphs, posters and photos or coolly blend the monitor into its surroundings. These features make the TV particularly suited to rooms with limited space, or for displaying advertisements or notices at public events.  


What do you think of The Sero? If you've got something to say, let us know in the comments below!

The Community Team  🤝


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1 Comment

My mind is blown! :shocked-face-with-exploding-head: A rotating TV!

Love to see the reviews and how child/pet friendly it is. 

Would much prefer this to a curved TV. Also love the idea of it becoming a personalised focal would be on constantly 😂

Can see this doing really well @Discover and shaking up the TV market. May just wait a little longer before I update my Samsung TV 👍




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