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Samsung Members Stars

Samsung Content Creator

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Here at the Samsung Community, we’ll never get tired of saying how much we love our users. You are the Community; without you, we’d be lost. You start conversation threads, answer questions, share your opinions, and just make the Samsung Community a great place to be. But there’s a select group of users who work tirelessly to make the Community the place it is: Samsung Makers.

Now, Samsung Makers are getting a make(rs)over. As of last month, they’re called Samsung Members Stars. These are the users who share their passion for Samsung Galaxy products with other users, helping them to make the most of their devices. On the Samsung Community, they make sure no question goes unanswered and see to it that there are great tips and tricks for all sorts of products.

Samsung Members Stars are also the kind of people who can help us build towards a brighter, more sustainable future. They’re talented people who, when they come together on the Community, can power other Samsung users to a brighter tomorrow.

If all this has made you want to aim for the stars and you’re wondering how you can become a Samsung Members Star, it’s quite simple: be an active Samsung Community user! Samsung Members Stars are the most active users, the ones who go above and beyond to help people out with their Samsung products, find solutions, tips and tricks, and spread their love of all things Samsung.

Do you want to be a Samsung Members Star? Let us know in the comments!

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