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Samsung Makers

Community Manager


Samsung Makers Key Visual_1.png

Our users are what keep the Community going: you ask and answer questions, share your thoughts, and generally make the Samsung Community a great place to be. Among these users, there’s a select group who work tirelessly to keep the Community going: making sure every single question gets an answer, keeping conversations alive, going above and beyond to share their knowledge of Samsung products.



And now, these Superusers are getting a makeover. As of this month, Superusers are now called Samsung Makers. Along with their new name, Samsung Makers will also get a new badge to help them stand out around the Community. Some things, however, never change: even though they’re now called Samsung Makers, these trusted ambassadors will still have their three-star rating system.

Samsung Makers will also be able to help out even more than they could before on the Community. In threads about Samsung products, they’ll be able to accept answers as solutions to problems or questions. This means that you’ll be able to find the right answers quickly and easily!

So, how can you become a Samsung Maker? It’s quite simple: just be an active Samsung Community member! Samsung Makers are Community users who go above and beyond to provide answers, find solutions, and spread their love of all things Samsung! So if you want to be a Samsung Maker, all you need to do is get involved in the Community!


Do you want to become a Samsung Maker? Are you already a Samsung Maker? Let us know in the comments!


The Community Team 🤝


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It's great that the more active members get to be a part of making this community better.
It's great to help out with the wide range of knowledge we all have to get the best from our devices.
Hopefully one day I'll make it to be worthy of this accolade 🙂
Black Belt 
I enjoy the forum and community and always try to answer an issue with a helpful samsung web page that may address the issue the user is having
And would enjoy the opportunity
To help as a Samsung Maker
Samsung Maker ★

I have been a Superuser, now Samsung Maker for a while now and I welcome the recognition, I enjoy the community , try to be helpful and provide solutions when I can.  I also share some experiences  and like informing  Members of some of the latest  Samsung developments along with others.  Whilst not exclusively Samsung I shared some information on the CES event.   I am generally interested in technology and so  will  ocassionally  talk about other companies products in the Lounge area.

Anyway sure that others who engage will be able to join our  ranks at some stage.

Samsung Maker ★★★

Hello to everyone in the UK Community! 🤗

Samsung Maker ★

Greetings from Lithuanian community 😊

Samsung Maker ★

Hello everyone,

Have to say, I love the shiny new badge and title we got!

This is an amazing community and I am really happy to be part of it!