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One UI 2 Beta. Find out more here.

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Jump in and BUCKLE UP, because One UI 2 Beta has slipped into top gear. With Android 10 under the hood and our amazing Samsung Members and Superusers at the helm, it's set to be the slickest, most exciting and super streamlined release yet. 


Participants had exclusive access to One UI 2 before public releaseParticipants had exclusive access to One UI 2 before public releaseOne UI 2 is the Samsung-tailored iteration of Android 10. It takes Google's flagship operating system and fits it to your Galaxy devices, giving you a seamless, consistent interface that manages everything from navigation gestures to app functionality. Building on the incredible features of the first, the new One UI software overlay has been adapted, tested and refined by our developers and then trialled by Samsung Members and Superusers in Beta mode. 


Those of you who've helped us out with One UI before (or participated in the Beta programme via the Samsung Members app this time around) will be familiar with the traditional method of trialling the software and using the in-app portal to report any problems encountered. This process is a vital way to get real, lived-in experience with the new features and – most importantly – to iron out any teething problems ahead of the wider public roll-out. 


Off_Screen_Gestures_Suggestion.pngBut this year we thought – why stop there? You know as well as we do that the Community is bursting at the digital seams with talented tech aficionados, and we wanted to hear from all of you. We didn't just want to know what wasn't working with the existing Beta – we wanted to know what you would bring to the software, what you would add and what you would change. In short, we wanted your ideas and proposals to be integrated into One UI 2's success, and we knew the best way to do that would be to create a whole new way to communicate.



Participants offered and debated suggestions in the One UI Beta hubsParticipants offered and debated suggestions in the One UI Beta hubsSo over the past few months we launched sole-purpose One UI 2 Beta communities across five European countries and gave participants free reign to offer suggestions for improvements. These hubs became buzzing epicentres of collaboration and creativity. We're talking blog posts, discussion rooms, high value ideas labs... and for the first time in One UI history, a continuous two-way exchange of OS ideas and discussions between Samsung and the Community.


Custom_Icon_Packs.pngOur beloved One UI has come a long way and travelled far since last year; nine countries from across three continents participated in the Beta programme this time around :sign-of-the-horns: and contributed their valuable feedback. Towards the end of 2019 Samsung Members and Superusers from the UK, France, Poland, Germany and Spain joined participants in Korea, China, India and the USA. The global initiative gave our treasured participants exclusive access to the new interface ahead of public release and let them get up close and personal with all the new features, functions and tools.  


One UI 2 tailors  new operating system Android 10 to bring a highly customised interface and super streamlined  experience to your Samsung devicesOne UI 2 tailors new operating system Android 10 to bring a highly customised interface and super streamlined experience to your Samsung devices

All_Three_Cameras_Suggestion.pngQuite simply, we were blown away by the quality and quantity of the feedback and engagement we saw in the Beta communities across Europe. We received 3,460 suggestions in the S9 and S10 ideas labs and a further 380 from the Note10 community in Germany. Some of our favourite proposals have included emoji prediction capabilities, the ability to slow charge devices overnight (and thus protect battery life) and the option to uninstall pre-installed apps. We'll update you in 2020 about the progress of these suggestions, so keep checking in.


Key contributors will receive the new Pathfinder badgeKey contributors will receive the new Pathfinder badgeTo show our appreciation for some of the most useful suggestions we received, in the coming months we'll be dishing out a bunch of these super shiny custom-designed Pathfinder badges too. For us it's essential that everyone who has contributed their time and knowledge to improving the customer experience feels appreciated. 


So what's all the fuss about? What's changing in One UI 2? What's new, what's out and what's sticking around from the first One UI? You can learn more about new and enhanced features in the article Experience the next One UI powered by Android 10 first! but we've also included some important bits below.


What's new in ONE UI 2?

Never worry about vanishing text again!Never worry about vanishing text again!Enhanced Dark Mode to reduce eye strain

One UI 2 brings a softened display and better text, image and colour adjustment in Dark Mode. Not only does this clever mode help to limit stress on your eyes, but it also looks super stylish and can help to conserve battery life. With Dark Mode on, your wallpaper, widgets and alarms will automatically darken. 


Smarter Wallpaper

A very exciting development – One UI 2 is able to recognise which parts of your wallpaper are light and dark, and will adjust the colours of overlaid text accordingly. It's a real gamechanger because you can choose any of your favourite wallpapers without worrying about how compatible they'll be with important info on the display. 


You can easily find unneeded images taking up storageYou can easily find unneeded images taking up storageDevice optimisation 

Enhanced organisation of operational info in One UI 2 makes it easier to get more out of your device. You can monitor your phone's storage, memory, security and battery levels and use this information to optimise its performance. 


Hearing and visibility

With One UI 2 you can access hearing enhancements (like ambient sound amplification) and high contrast colour preferences to aid hearing and display visibility. 


Digital Wellness

Here's a friendly intervention to prevent excessive smartphone use, especially at the wrong times of day. Any fans of Blue light reduction mode will know the benefits of digitally detoxing in the hours before trying to sleep. At light's out, the new One UI 2 allows you to mute notifications and turn the screen to black and white. You can also track screen time and use Focus Mode to block certain apps for set periods of time.


We can't express enough how much we appreciate all the Samsung Members and Superusers that participated in the programme this year. Your contributions to the One UI 2 Communities have pushed our expectations to even higher levels, and nurturing our collaborative relationship with each and every one of you is our number one priority. After all, you live your lives with these devices, you know them better than anyone, and One UI 2 is yours


If you missed your chance to contribute this time around, don't stress. We'll need your help for One UI 3...

Big hugs from the Community team :handshake:


If you enjoyed this post, or if you want to participate next time, don't forget to like and comment below!


Superuser I
Superuser I

I personally had not the chance to participate in one of those beta's (Because I'm from the Netherlands) but I hope to get my hands on one UI 2.0 soon whenever it gets released :smiling-face: 


Thanks everyone for making it better! 


I would like to know why the Note 10+5G has been left out of the beta. There is a reason why some of us invest in the latest technology. When last years note gets the upgrade before this years you have to wonder why.  The differences between the Note 10+ and the 5G version can't be that great !!!


Hey guys


Currently using Android 10 and One UI 2 on my note 10+5G and I have to say it is better. Battery life seems to have improved and the whole phone seems to work far slicker than it did. I upgraded on xmas day and I'm impressed so far. Haven't been been able to try on 5G yet as we still don't have it.


Now having had a few days on android 10 and one UI 2  I have to say it's ok. Yes, just ok. Everything seems to be a little slicker and I'm getting a couple of hours longer on the battery. That being said I have found one issue with the lock screen losing the trusted devices. My galaxy watch and "stay unlocked at home" seem to work ok sometimes and not on others. 

Other than that it's ok and a slight improvement on pie .

Hope all on this forum have a very peaceful and happy new year.



One UI 2 sucks. It throws around way too many error codes with features and technology that I originally invested in Samsung for, like screen mirror, thah has 0 functionality anymore. Same with general USB to tv (49unks8000) to phone, can't seem to find it play any videos on there at all, even though they are supposedly accepted formats. Smart things and smart view both but out after a few minutes of working, when they do actually work (so far as to current testing ration it's roughly 1 in every 36 tries). Television and phone barely see each other on the same network, but I can pick up my neighbors LG TV on a wholly different network, ISP, and it's about 200 feet away. Also can't do anything with my screen calibration apps anymore, so since I've received the 1241.5 update to tv I can't calibrate the red out without guessing. Even though I have a once dedicated app that cost well over 150 dollars. Their line of bull***** just grown and grows. Tech support has even told me verbatim that screen mirror has never been a function of theirs, and it should have never worked between 2 Samsung device's.  Smart things forgets my TV and other devices on my network periodically. I have a whole laundry list of things that weren't broke but now are, soon to be my TV and phone from me throwing my phone straight through the display.


For those who may be interested in the vivid moving/animated icons in One UI 2:


If an app supports this, the specific animation trigger(s) differs per individual app. E.g. the Settings icon rotates when a system update is being downloaded; SmartThings icons move about when their relevant connected device is in use.

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Any news about release date for A80






First Poster

I was thinking about release date ot one ui 2 for samsung a80. 


Ah, apologies for the confusion. The A80 is scheduled to receive the One UI 2 update sometime in March, although I don't have a definitive date to share at this time. 

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Integrate Good Lock options into the main software.

Since upgrading to OneUI2 (android 10) on my S10+, then upgrading to S20 Ultra, I'm having loads of drops in wifi.

All the time, apps saying no network.

Can't just be me?

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Hope I get chosen to test next beta!

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I want to go on the next beta again like I did the last one