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Mount your Jet™ 70/75 vacuum to the wall

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Please Note: You will require a tape measure, 6mm drill bit and a spirit level. Never drill into walls covering electric wires. Wall mount for Jet 70 and 75 models. 


There's a reason housework often feels like hard work. Dragging an old vacuum cleaner the weight and shape of a small boulder around the room is hardly the sort of activity that jumps straight to the top of the to-do list. Add in some dust-clogged filters and a tangled mess of cables and you can understand why it's a chore that's easily postponed. 


If this sounds all too familiar, it might be time to shake up your hardware. Earlier this year Samsung Electronics introduced a new line-up of Samsung Jet™ vacuum cleaners – lightweight, cordless machines wielding a high level of energy efficiency, industry-leading suction power and a digital display. The best bit? The Charging Station of the Jet™ 70/75 is mounted to a wall for space-saving power-up and storage 😎. Learn how to set it up right here. 


Install the wall mount and assemble the vacuum:

  1. Find a safe space to install your wall mount 
  2. Using a tape measure and a pencil, draw a small mark 113cm straight up from the floor
    • Line up the top of the wall mount with this mark
  3. Check that the wall mount is level, using a spirit level
  4. Draw two dots on the wall through the holes in the wall mount
  5. Drill the two holes to a depth of 50mm using a 6mm drill bit
  6. Insert a wall plug into each hole and then screw the wall mount to the wall
  7. Connect the wall mount to a power socket
  8. Now it's time to assemble the vacuum. Insert the battery and connect the tube and brush
  9. Slide the vacuum into the wall mount and check it is correctly inserted
    • The battery indicator will blink whilst charging
  10. Carefully remove the vacuum from the wall mount to use

If you've got something to add, let us know in the comments below!

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