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Life Unstoppable 2020

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On 2 September 2020 Samsung unveiled its latest range of intelligent products, in a virtual experience called Life Unstoppable. Responding to consumers' ever-increasing need to connect and integrate personalised technologies into their lifestyles, the event used a virtual home to showcase the latest advancements in mobile, wearables, TV, audio and home appliances.  


“This year has seen us completely re-evaluate our relationship with technology, in a way that no-one could have expected” said Benjamin Braun, Chief Marketing Officer, Samsung Europe. “[At Samsung], we are relentless in our mission to create bold, revolutionary technology and what better way to announce our 2020 line-up than with this game-changing virtual experience.”



Announcements during the show included all-new smart projector The Premiere and the Odyssey G5 gaming monitor, as well as the Galaxy Tab A7, Galaxy Fit2, Galaxy A42 5G, Galaxy Z Fold2 5G and Wireless Trio Charger. From Domestic Appliances, we saw the RB7300T Classic Refrigerator and the customisable Bespoke refrigerator range, as well as the auto-linking WW9800T Washing Machine and DV8000T Tumble Dryer with AI capabilities. 


You can learn more about everything launched at Life Unstoppable 2020 by watching the recorded event on the Life Unstoppable page over on Explore. Got something to say? Let us know in the comments below!

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Thanks @Discover , Did enjoy the video and liked the section on The Premier,The Terrace, Galaxy Tabs and the RB7300T Classic Refrigerator  particularly.  The Z Fold 2 and Note 20 already covered at Samsung Unpacked.


A few contributions on this thread 

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I was personally able to attend "Live" and I must say, it was awesome! :face-with-tears-of-joy: The Premier and Terrace where my personal highlights. But I would probably go earlier for a great TV/non-water proof soundbar with a better quality 🙂 Still, it's awesome :face-with-tears-of-joy: 


Tech is somehow my (not so) guilty pleasure 😁

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Some details on the Premier Projectors here, as expected a pretty big price tag mind you! 



Launched in the U.S. 

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The premier is now available in the Uk: From Samsung site 

"The Premiere will be on sale in Harrods and on, £3,999 RRP for the LSP7T and £6,999 RRP for the LSP9T. Customers purchasing The Premiere until 19th January 2021, will also be eligible to claim up to £700 cashback, T&Cs apply".


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