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Internet of Things

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"Get off the internet, I need the phone"


Close your eyes for a moment and fill your mind with the sound of dial-up internet. It's nineteen-ninety-something, you're waiting patiently for your computer to connect and the fax machine is blinking away at you from across the room. The jingle stops. You're online.


These were the days when the internet was, for most people, accessible from just one room of the house. Needless to say, our relationship with the world wide web has become a little more fluid since then. Market analyst Gartner estimated that 14.2 billion devices would be online by the end of 2019, composing the growing network of technologies known as the Internet of Things.


With the ability to gather, share and analyse information on a mass scale, the Internet of Things has had a transformative impact on lifestyles and services. You can use your connected devices to establish routines, control your home remotely, obtain customised suggestions and more. To get the most out of the IoT, check out these useful Support pages below:


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What is Bixby and how do I use it?


How do I use my Family Hub Fridge Freezer?


Connecting and setting up your Samsung Galaxy Watch


How to update your Soundbar using the SmartThings app


Using the features of your Samsung Galaxy Watch


How to use Bixby Routines


Connect your smart washing machine to SmartThings


What phones are compatible with the Galaxy Watch?


What to do if "Smart Hub is being updated. Please try again later" message is displayed


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