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How to enjoy Samsung Free all day



Free_logo.pngWith Samsung Free*, your day becomes more informative and more fun! So let’s talk about how you can enjoy Samsung Free throughout your day!




Watch: Free TV in my hands!


While on the move or during break time, enjoy popular content in various categories 24/7 by clicking on the Watch tab in Samsung Free.



With favourite channels and latest watched channels, you can watch the way you like it. Unwatched categories and channels are hidden, and selected favourite channels and latest watched channels are remembered.






Change the picture ratio to optimise your viewing on the wide screens of tablets and foldable phones – or use Flex mode for Fold and Flip phones.








Never miss your favourite shows by setting up reminders for them:




  1. Select a show
  2. Set up a reminder
  3. Check reminder set up
  4. Watch your show when alerted in your Notifications






And the PIP (Picture-in-Picture) button lets you watch your content while doing other things on your device.








Read: Keep yourself in the know!


As soon as you wake up, or in the bus or train on your way to work, read the latest hot topics and news easily by clicking on the Read tab in Samsung Free.



You can pick out content and read the world in a few seconds with hashtagged keywords.







Customise the news you read to your own interests with 4 simple steps:

  1. More
  2. Settings
  3. Edit Categories
  4. Choose the categories you want



Or see what’s going on in different places and languages around the world.


  1. Click on the Globe icon to get to ‘Edition and language’
  2. Select country/language
  3. Set your country/language


(Or, More > Settings > ‘Edition and language’ menu, and do the same from there.)



Play: Make those dull moments fun!


How about a quick game for some fun and to keep your brain active during those moments when you’re waiting (and waiting, and waiting…) for something? Play free mobile games right away with no download or setup needed by clicking the Play tab on Samsung Free.


From the latest to the most popular games, enjoy the game you want from a large selection of categories such as puzzle, arcade, and sports.






Let us know in the comments below about how and when you use Samsung Free to brighten your day!


And check out our other articles to find out more about Samsung Free:


*Samsung Free is only available on Android 9 and above.

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