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Galaxy Unpacked August 2022: what was announced

Samsung Content Creator

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Galaxy Unpacked has come and gone for another year. After months of speculation and rumours, we can finally reveal Samsung’s latest range of smartphones and accessories. The event was livestreamed around the world on 10 August, giving viewers the first glimpse of our hottest new devices. And we can only say one thing: What. A. Show.

First, we present to you the brand-new Galaxy Z Flip4 with its new and improved smaller, thinner, lighter and more durable hinge meaning this is thinner than before. The Galaxy Z Flip4 is now wrapped in an armour aluminium frame for extra strength and is available in 4 customisable colours. 

The Galaxy Z Flip4's flex camera features an all new and improved, bigger imaging sensor and improved pixel size from 1.4 to 1.8! So you can shoot every detail of every experience – whilst previewing your shots in the improved notification screen. But that is just the beginning! Your new and improved notifications screen keeps you in the loop like never before with its fully customisable menu to give you a more personal and practical experience. Plus, with the lid closed, your notifications keep you connected to your apps, your friends, your work whilst letting you focus on the world around outside.

And it doesn’t end there! With the new Galaxy Z Flip4 Bespoke Edition you can customise your foldable experience in 5 body and 3 frame colours, so mix and match to unfold up to 75* colour combos.

There's even more, with the new Galaxy Z Fold4 – and a new folding experience.  This starts in the all-important hinge.  Previous models used a gear and cog system to unfold, but Samsung have developed a linear rotation device, which means it's slimmer (so more space for a bigger battery).  It’s tougher now too with specially designed reinforced plastic, the same materials used in cars and aircraft, and it has tougher sponge dampers inside for better compression force deflection.

The Galaxy Z Fold4 also has an increased sensor, so your nightography just got 23% brighter – adios to the flash and hello high res. There is a 50mp wide lens and a 3x optical zoom as well as the Galaxy Z Fold4's unique image preview, so you don’t lose track of the powerful zoom and you get those perfect selfies.

Powering your experience is Android 12L and our latest UX as well as Qualcom's Snapdragon 8 processor, with enhanced CPU +17%, NPU +74% and GPU +56%, so you stay on top of life. This device is functions like a PC for work, a console for gaming and an immersive portal into your favourite social apps and experiences.


With the Galaxy Z Flip4 or Galaxy Z Fold4 in your hand, treat your ears to the new Galaxy Buds2 Pro – with 24-bit HIFI audio. Did you hear that? 24-bit! Take things to the next auditory level, and next level means 256 times more precise and detailed sound. This leap forward comes with 360 audio and directional filtrations to deliver multichannel sound.  Powered by seamless codec support and two-way coaxial speakers to zero in on that next level audio.

For conversation and recording, Galaxy Buds2 Pro have personalised beaming for a better microphone performance, so seamless conversation and pinpoint accuracy for synchronised audio and video recording with LE Audio (Coming this year).

This is wrapped in a smaller size for a snug fit, that finds itself if it's lost, in or out of the case – they are that smart! They can automatically adjust for incoming conversations; connect harmoniously with the digital eco system of your world like never before and deliver the very next and best level audio.

Talking about the digital eco system – say hello to the Galaxy Watch5 and its new sapphire crystal display for tougher protection.  As well as a whole load of new customisable faces it even has an increased surface area underneath, to connect more with you – helping to better understand your health.  With advanced insights, you can track your body composition, sleep, snoring, REM, blood oxygen, heart rate and more! And there is even a new temperature sensor – for more accurate readings and opening new possibilities to the way you work out and monitor your wellness.  Oh, and it also comes in two sizes, 4 colours and with Samsung's D-Buckle design for a practical and elegant fit.

There is just time for one more – The Galaxy Watch5 Pro has a new sapphire crystal display, so 2x tougher than before and it even has a larger battery (1.6x capacity!) which you can test out with new bespoke and seamless app access – thanks to our unique partnership with Google.  The Galaxy Watch5 Pro experience now delivers deeper integration with maps, music, connecting with friends (tracking, sharing routes and competing!). 

You can communicate with Google through the new and improved assistant to do more and achieve more – “hey Google play my workout playlist”.  And if all the new tech gets you carried away on your next run, let the Galaxy Watch5 Pro guide you home with the new trackback feature – so you never get lost or lose track of time!

* Available in selected countries.

If you missed the livestream, don’t worry! You can check out the official replay on Samsung’s YouTube channel.

You can check out the specs for all these amazing new devices and buy them here: Galaxy Z Flip4, Galaxy Z Fold4, Galaxy Buds2 Pro, Galaxy Watch5, Galaxy Watch5 Pro.

What did you think of Galaxy Unpacked? Which device can’t you wait to get your hands on? Head over to our dedicated Galaxy Unpacked discussion board to join the conversation!

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