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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information for our Samsung UK and Ireland Community


Updated 15th June, 2020


The Global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is an unprecedented situation, which continues to affect every one of us. First and foremost, our thoughts are with all those who have suffered as a result of the virus.


We have taken considerable steps to ensure the ongoing safety and wellbeing of our customers, employees and business partners across the UK and Ireland during these uncertain times, while minimising disruption.


We also continue to lend our support to the remarkable people on the frontline of this crisis who are working tirelessly to protect our nation at its time of greatest need.


To help frontline staff stay connected and provide compassionate care and support to those who need it most, we have undertaken several measures including donating thousands of smartphones and services.


We’ll Get Through This Together


The world is undoubtedly a different place but we remain strong and are committed to getting through this together by helping people stay connected, safe and healthy.


Our COVID-19 Task Force in the UK and Ireland is carefully monitoring the situation daily to ensure that all aspects of our business are closely following the latest government guidelines on working practices and social distancing to protect our staff, customers and business partners.


From 15th June onwards, in line with the most recent advice, we will start reopening our UK retail and support premises, including Samsung KX, Samsung Experience Stores, Samsung Support Centres and our concessions within Harrods and Selfridges. We are excited to welcome back our customers and colleagues to these spaces but are doing so cautiously with people’s health and wellbeing as our utmost priority.


We wish to reassure customers that we have implemented numerous measures to provide a safe environment for everyone. These include limiting the number of staff and visitors permitted onsite as well as altering store layouts, queuing and implementing one-way systems wherever possible to ensure people remain at safe distances.


We are providing face masks for Samsung staff to wear; we are conducting temperature checks on colleagues on arrival each day; and we have introduced changes to employee work and break routines to respect social distancing guidelines. All staff receive additional training on these new responsibilities before beginning work.


Hand sanitiser is available at stations around the stores, and all display devices are thoroughly cleaned after every use.


For customers wishing to explore our range virtually, now enables live, one-way video calling with Samsung Experts who can offer detailed information and advice on our product and services.


Elsewhere across our UK business, we continue to empower our people to work remotely wherever possible, while also strictly implementing measures in our offices under the latest government guidelines to provide a safe environment for those who need to be onsite.


For the Irish business, we continue to empower our people to work remotely wherever possible, while also strictly implementing measures in our offices under the latest government guidelines to provide a safe environment for those who need to be onsite.


We thank all our customers, employees and business partners for their support, patience and understanding over the past few months.


Supporting our Customers


As we have reacted and adapted to the pandemic, we have worked hard to minimise disruption to our Samsung Support services, with teams working remotely and being deployed where they are most needed. We have now re-introduced support for all repairs and we are working closely with our network of authorised service partners to increase capacity for in home repair, pick up service and doorstep repair.


To further support our customers, we have put an extended warranty period in place for all products.  If the warranty on your product expired between 15th March 2020 and 15th June 2020, you will automatically receive an extension to 15th July 2020, further information is available below in our FAQ section.


As we adapt to new ways of working and with the reopening of our retail and support spaces, we have changed how we offer support for customers who visit us. We have put additional safety measures in place and all customers must now book in advance of their visit.  In addition, devices are sanitised before and after each interaction, and technicians carry out their work behind protective screens wearing face masks and gloves.


If you would prefer virtual support, you can now book a one-to-one consultation with one of our Samsung Experts Link. This is available alongside all of our online support options such as repair tracking, trouble-shooting and repair booking.


Here for each other


We will update this page to give you the latest information as our response to the pandemic in the UK develops. Thank you for your continued loyalty and understanding. Please take care of yourselves, your loved ones and your communities.


The Samsung UK and Ireland Team


If orders are being processed normally why am I still waiting on Samsung buds being processed from Friday, I can't even cancel the bloody things as there's no cancel button beside my order, I've looked up how to cancel my order which differs from what I'm looking at on my screen, I seriously pi**ed off trying to cancel this order and getting nowhere, if anyone can help it would be much appreciated before I leap out my window (2 floors up) 🙄

First Poster

Question1: Has anyone heard about this Samsung Ballot Lottery International Program(WBLIP)?

Question 2: Are the ref no.; Serial number; batch number legit?

Ref no.:SAM/625/003/2014-05

Serial no.:UK/GBP07/SAMSUNG

Batch no.:DNO/MA07/EUR 


Personally I have never heard Instagram profiles being used as a lottery giveaway for 'Samsung Ballot'....kicker....I am a winner of $800'000 + S10 phone with gear from this lottery.....yeah right this feels like a SCAM... if its real thank you Samsung!!!! If not SCAMMERS BEWARE!


@TheXChild , Whilst it would awesome to win $800,000, 'fraid it's definitely a scam.


We've got a page on the Samsung UK website about bogus lotteries etc.:



Superuser I
Superuser I

Think highly unlikely  Samsung would offer such massive prizes  and for competitions they will use official channels.   Think you can tell when something sounds to good to be true, though obviously some are caught out.


Samsung not interested is customers safety as they sent an engineer into my home without informing me that he was based in Preston which was in local lockdown. How many homes has he been into before mine!  Nevermind turns up without any parts and they expect me to have him back in my house with a terminally ill farther 

Superuser I
Superuser I

@steve691 Perhaps Samsung was not aware of your situation beforehand, sorry to hear about your Father  and take it you have expressed concerns.   


Mind you I have looked at Preston Council website and whilst residents should not visit other folk's homes, there are some exemptions and one of these states work purposes.


The situation is currently the same in Glasgow, East Renfrewshire and West Dumbatonshire  and  the restriction applies to me personally.  The guidance here is a bit more detailed where it says Workers can continue to go into other households to carry out work such as repairs, installations and deliveries.


Hi james yes ive seen the guidance and i had made all parties more than aware of the situation and in talking to the repair centre the tell me that they have operated throughout total lockdown and under local lockdown i should have been given an opportunity to allow them i to my house. The thing about this repair centre is its not even the nearest to me so WHY DOES SAMSUNG SEND A COMPANY FROM A LOCKDOWN AREA MORE THAN AN HOUR AWAY INTO PEOPLES HOMES WHEN THERE IS A LOCAL 1

Superuser I
Superuser I

ok @steve691 , appreciate the concern.   Suppose depends on demand within a particiular area,  though systems do not always function as intended.