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Connecting your devices

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Samsung devices were born to connect. Your smartphone loves to pull up a chair and hang out with your TV, headphones and other smart technologies, and you've probably heard no end of talk this year about the potentials of cross-platform compatibilities. 


Family-Hub-Fridge-Freezer.pngIndeed, knowing how to blend your devices and leverage the synergic relationships between them is one sure way to get the most out of your products. From moving files between your smartphone, tablet and computer with Samsung DeX, to gleaning fitness insights from Samsung Health and your wearables, you can benefit from greater conveniences and more personalised experiences when your smart things work together


As you can see, this topic is very close to our hearts on the Community. For that reason, we've teamed up again with our Support pals for another round-up. Here are some useful FAQs to help you get your devices better acquainted 😎


Samsung Pay: Turn your phone into your wallet


How to connect a Galaxy smartphone to a Galaxy Book


How can I connect and use my device with a computer or tablet?


Connect my wearables


Galaxy-Buds+.pngConnect Galaxy Buds or Galaxy Buds+ to another device


Connecting and setting up your Samsung Galaxy Watch


What phones are compatible with the Galaxy Watch?


How to use Samsung Pay with the Galaxy Watch Active2


Connect my TV



What is Screen Mirroring and how do I use it with my Samsung TV


How to connect Bluetooth devices to your Samsung TV


How do I add my TV to the SmartThings app?


Connecting my TV: What is Smart Hub? 


Connect my Smart Home appliances



How do I use my Family Hub Fridge Freezer?


How to update your Soundbar using the SmartThings app


Using motion sensors and SmartThings to detect movement in your house 


Learn more about the smart home with SmartThings


We hope you found this Support Splash helpful, 

The Community Team 


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