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Calculate optimal viewing distance from your TV

Community Manager




Please Note: You will require a tape measure for this Hack. Safely seek assistance if you need help moving furniture. Optimal viewing distance can vary depending on your screen's resolution. Measurements provided in this Hack are for a 4K TV.


If you're anything like us, you probably don't race past the crowds to reserve front row seats at the cinema. It can feel a bit like standing at the base of a skyscraper and looking up, right? You'll probably notice, for the most part, that those well-worn seats in the middle of the auditorium are the first to fill up.


There's definitely a sweet spot where it comes to the perfect distance to sit from your TV screen, too. You want to put enough space between you and the pixels to avoid neck strain, but not so much that you miss any of the detail or struggle to focus. For optimal viewing distance, measure your TV screen diagonally (in inches) and multiply by 1.2.


Here's what to do:

  1. Make sure your TV is set up where you'd like it to stay. Normally we'd recommend placing it against a wall
  2. Use a tape measure to measure the distance (in inches) between your screen's top-left and bottom-right corners
  3. Multiply this figure by 1.2 to calculate your optimum viewing distance 
    • For example: a 55-inch TV screen would produce a viewing distance of 66 inches or 5.5 feet
  4. Using the tape measure, position your seating area at the calculated distance away from the TV screen
    • Your screen should take up 40° of your view
  5. Sit back, grab some healthy snacks and enjoy your content


If you've got something to add, let us know in the comments below!

The Community Team  🤝


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