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Wireless Rear Speaker Alternatives???

(Topic created on: 18/01/21 10:22)
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Hi All,   so having just spent £1600 on a Samsung QE55Q95T Tv and Samsung HW-Q60T Soundbar i also was pleased to find out i could also purchase the additional "wireless" (using the term loosely)  SWA-8500S Rear Speaker Kit.

This is when it started to go downhill as i now find apart from being discontinued by Samsung the SWA-8500 kit is discontinued probably because there are many complaints about the lack of sound from the rear speakers and various unwanted sounds since a software update from Samsung!

So i was wondering are there any alternatives to to 8500 which will work with the Q60T soundbar or is it not worth the money?

There are a few for sale on Fleabay etc but mostly in usa which are on 110 volt so that will mean an additional power supply, im in uk

Are Samsung likely to bring out new models specially considering the Q60T is a 2020 model?

Should i stick with just the Q60T? I dont watch a lot of movies

Be gentle please guys, am new here 😄


Thanks for all your advice

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I'm trying to find out the same with samsung but none off them no nothing. hopefully they will bring out a new model. also I've heard in reviews that the swa-9000s work even though they say they are not compatible.