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Why no google assist with sansung Q90R soundbar?


Why is it the Samsung soundbar is not recognized or found with Google assistant.


TV works fine through google.


I have both Google assist and Alexa.


TV and soundbar works with Alexa, but only tv is recognized with google. Smartthings in Google only shows tv and can control sound, voice etc, but wont find soundbar.


No issues with Alexa.


Just lucky I have both voice assistants?


But generally alexa is much better adding things than Google.


Bixby on my phone.


Most people use either Google or Alexa assistants. You would think that since Samsung makes Android devices they would make their hardware work with Google better.


I have a Note 9 and I can't even stream using smartview (Samsung equivalent to cast).

Since they have their own voice assistant they would rather use that. For basic controls Bixby works fine. Have no issues there with the functions of tv or soundbar.
None seem to support both assistance so depending on what one you have very likely having the same issues as Samsung. I have both assistance and often use one or the other. Anyway anyone can have both as you can download alexa through google app store and think apple app store?

And dont need a physical Alexa assistant and it's free. No matter what soundbar you get none support both so depending on your setup your no better off than Samsung.
And LG are saying wished they had Alexa. Depending on make you get 1 or the other not both. Just download the Alexa app for free then can control it. Bixby works well enough for basic controls. On both tv and soundbar and in ways better than many that just rely on alexa or Google as you dont get both.

Anyway... going back to the issue for google users, unfortunately I think a true integration between Samsung and Google could be unlikely as it stands. This because I think both Samsung and Google are not really interested in investing in a collaboration seeing that both companies are moving towards expanding their own portfolio.


But this is where I see google having the advantage having the better smart home platform, which is where the future is heading, where as Binxy is a joke when compared. I dont see Samsung spending too much money in developing this either as they probably realized it will never reach the amount of users that google has and it will never be near as good, so dont be surprised if they stop it.


I wouldnt be surprised if Google, although perhaps unlikely, even made a bold move into the Soundbar market in the future, a bit like sonos did, which would actually be quite awesome. They are already planning on releasing a new speaker that will compete with the sonos one, and also seem to be developing a new smart dongle that in theory turn your old TV (or new) into a full google home smart TV experience, very exciting stuff for google users.


My suggestion to Samsung is to ditch any ideas of further developing their smart home platform and spend more in developing what they know best, TVs and Soundbars. And if they are clever and can convince Google to collaborate with a true integration, they will be very much ahead of the game. Or they just stick with Amazon.


Its a hard truth to accept that we who owns this soundbar Q90R, among other devices from Samsung, will just have to live with the fact that we still have a great sounding soundbar but thats about it. I will have to settle with using my google chromecast as the audio soutce to feed the soundbar, it works but its not optimal for what I would like to achive.

To feed the soundbar I just use either bluthooth and Google music or Alexa with amazon music. If you download the Alexa app to your phone can control your tv and soundbar. Since I have both alexa and Google assist it's no big deal.

Just ask alexa to play example, relaxing music on alexa soundbar and works great as I have Amazon music also.

I think Bixby is great for integrating soundbar and tv and works well for your basic functions like decrease increase volume turn on soundbar tv etc change channels on tv, mute. For basic controls works well and better than other tvs sound combinations.

The only thing Bixby does not work doing searches in you tube, etc but as remote functions on soundbar and tv works well I find.
And if you have Alexa full functions.

If for example you have LG and you only have Alexa and no google.

At least Samsung you have Bixby and alexa and if you have the soundbar integration with tv then google works with soundbar.

Think more use akexa over google. Alexa is the better voice assitant for smart voice controlled devices and Google is smarter at general knowledge and less so for smart devices.

I totally get your point, the issue Im having is that I really dont care too much about the voice assistance feature in my smart home, even though I do use if for playing my music etc sometimes.


The main reason I want full integration with my samsung and google is that I prefer to use the google home platform for all my smart devices, and when it comes to music in multiple rooms it would just be so much better to have the samsung soundbar directly connected via WIFI to my google home ecosystem so I can put it in my speaker group. Its probalbly a nightmare to intergrate the two systems but it would be a great feature.


If that were possible my soundbar would be so much more than just a TV speaker without any other decices involved.

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