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Why no google assist with sansung Q90R soundbar?


Why is it the Samsung soundbar is not recognized or found with Google assistant.


TV works fine through google.


I have both Google assist and Alexa.


TV and soundbar works with Alexa, but only tv is recognized with google. Smartthings in Google only shows tv and can control sound, voice etc, but wont find soundbar.


No issues with Alexa.


Just lucky I have both voice assistants?


But generally alexa is much better adding things than Google.

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I have the same issue with Google Assistant not seeing my Q90 soundbar. I prefer Google over Alexa. I wish it was supported.

This seem to be a feature many users are asking for just like myself, and I think its pretty bad for Samsung NOT to include google assistance to its high end soundbar.

As it currently stands, this soundbar does officially ONLY support Alexa and does NOT have Google Assistance feature. And this is required in order to add to the google home eco system.

We can only keep reminding and asking Samsung to do something about this and hope its only a matter of firmware that can be updated in the near future.
Well I have my soundbar hooked up to my Samsung q90r tv so when I use google assitant and ask it to adjust volume then it works adjusting the sound of the soundbar as I got the sound of the tv through soundbar. Even more works.

The soundbar is designed to integrate with the samsung tvs.
Im very happy for you that you can do all that with your TV and Id be surprised if samsung didnt intergrate with its own products, not sure how it is relevant to the issue discussed here though. And I think for just adjusting the TV volume its more comfortable using a remote so you know what levels you need and also not interrupting whatever you are watching looking like a crazy person talking to the TV..

The soundbar should be able to be used as a stand alone device when you want to listen to music for example (think sonos playbar), I dont want to always have my TV on for that. So had Samsung done a proper job and added google assistance, the soundbar would be part of my google home ecosystem as a speaker and added to my speaker group and I could stream my music through casting.

I also have my Q90 soundbar connected to my Q90 TV. I can control the TV with Google Assistant but I would prefer to control the soundbar independently from the TV. Sometimes I just want to listen to music and not have the TV on.

You can run google music through soundbar via bluthooth
Why not just download the Alexa assistant on your phone? That works fine to control the soundbar.

And someone said LG is not relevant? Yes it is as they are moaning why no Alexa integration whereas Samsung owners are moaning why no Google assistant integration. None support both assistants, so either one or the or the other.

Those LG people have the same issues as Sansung by not supporting both assistants.

You get one or the other, not both.

Samsung just happened to pick alexa but included google assitant integration simply because when the soundbar is used with tv then its integrated with google.

LG have the opposite problem so none integrate with both systems and Samsung are not unique in this type of situation.

The simple answer and work around is download the free alexa app on your phone then can use the bar without using the tv by voice commands.

So yes the Example of LG is relevant as they have the same issue but the other way round. Dont think its just a samsung issue as it's not.

I only have Google Assistant/Nest devices. I installed Alexa in my Samsung phone but didn't detect my soundbar. I can use Bixby to turn on/off the soundbar but not to stream music.


Bluetooth seems to be only work around 😞

Then turn on BT then if you got google music can stream music. Did not know you could independently turn on soundbar with Bixby by voice as the soundbar has no mic