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Which next gen console in combination with HW Q90R?


Guys (and girls),


I am enjoying my HW Q90R a lot and now that the eARC update finally released I am finally truely happy with it because now it's more future proof.


Because I am a gamer and the next gen of consoles are coming I am very divided which one to buy. I allways was a Sony guy but now I read everywhere that Sony will not use Dolby Atmos on PS5 but some kind of new Codec which they are developing themselves. Microsoft on the other hand allready confirmed they will use Dolby Atmos for the new XBOX. 


What do you guys think about this? Will we be better of (soundwise) with the XBOX? Or is it possible that our Soundbar will receive an update which will enable it to read the new sound codec from Sony?


I will wait for the verdict of reviewers ,gamers and audiophiles once both machines are released.

But I would tend to think that Microsoft experience with Atmos would give the Xbox the edge in terms of making the most of our hw-q90r.

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