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What is going on with eARC update for the soundbar HW-Q90R?


Hi everyone,


I need some clarification, as to be honest the Samsung support staff are hopeless with knowing anything about their own products. 

I was on chat with support enquiring about the eARC firmware update for this soundbar, he replies to me saying it doesn't have eARC?! 

the whole reason I purchased it was because of this update, I have the LG C9 which is eARC!


if they don't provide this firmware update to allow it, then this soundbar is going back for a refund. 

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@denodan wrote:
I know my soundbar and tv have sync settings so if needed could adjust one or the other.



The point of eARC is that you can connect your devices to your TV and still get enough bandwith to passthrough lossles Atmos/DTS:X etc.


And yes. The soundbar and TV have sync setting but only to delay the audio more. Not less. Or does your TV and soundbar also sync to let's say -10??




I thought I read somewhere on Dolbys sight it's not your tv but is to do with dolby itself and a known issue


OK! Thanks for the info! So maybe they will fix it!


Same for me. My current set up is:

Q90r QLED tv connected to soundbar via arc port 

Xbox connected to tv One connect box via hdmi

This set up alllows freesync on my Xbox when gaming

however any app on the Xbox that provides Dolby atmos doesn't pass through to the soundbar so I loose the possibility to enjoy Dolby atmos from Netflix or Xbox games. Also I loose the ability to play atmos blue ray movies on the Xbox and receive atmos sound.

The only way I can get Dolby atmos from Xbox is if I connect the Xbox directly to the eARC port on the soundbar. That by itself is not the ideal set up, by doing this I also loose the ability of controlling the soundbar and the tv with the same remote and now I'm forced to use 2 remotes plus the Xbox controller, I also loose the Xbox icon on the tv, I also get lip sync issues and I also loose freesync when gaming on on the Xbox. 


In my case all those things make the eARC update on the tv necessary. 
Also there is the fact that Samsung marketed this tv with eARC upgrade to happen the near future, that was suppose to happen a year ago and many people purchased the tv based on that future update. If not upgraded it will be false advertising. 


Watch atmos stuff through my Xbox One X all the time using the netflix app on my Xbox and the bar comes up as Dolby Atmos.


As for gaming on Xbox. It wont go into auto game mode. You got to manually switch it and may have to check freesync is enabled because going into playing a game turns these off so manually got to turn them on again. Then you can enjoy your games with freesync and atmos. No lip sync issues for me.


Yes discovered to quirks this soundbar has. Even the odd connecting issue with soundbar and Xbox. I guess setting up my harmony remote would bypass these quirks but the remote does most of what harmony does anyway so have to reset it up.


i have the LG CX connected to My q90r 


the screen on the Soundbar shows tv arc. When in Play atmos it shows atmos But still tv arc. How is this possible?


Did you set 'eARC' on in audio output? It's under 'Passtrough' in the audio settings...





@jobean wrote:



Ah thanks now it works! It shows earc and atmos on the bar. Is there a sign for atmos on the tv too like Dolby vision or hdr?

I am getting atmos through my q90r tv on my Nvida Shield. And found q90r soundbar. Have both connected to ARC and getting Atmos through soundbar using Nivida Shield.

Yet when I thrn off the sheild and go source as tv got atmos through tv and soundbar.

XBox X needs to be plugged directly into soundbar bar to get atmos.
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