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What is going on with eARC update for the soundbar HW-Q90R?


Hi everyone,


I need some clarification, as to be honest the Samsung support staff are hopeless with knowing anything about their own products. 

I was on chat with support enquiring about the eARC firmware update for this soundbar, he replies to me saying it doesn't have eARC?! 

the whole reason I purchased it was because of this update, I have the LG C9 which is eARC!


if they don't provide this firmware update to allow it, then this soundbar is going back for a refund. 

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@_oSo_ wrote:
@jga_182, make sure your soundbar and the tv are properly connected via the arc hdmi port.
If you have a QLED Q90r tv remember that:
- Disney plus native app on Samsung tv does not support Dolby atmos, only 5.1.
- Netflix app on Samsung tv does support Dolby atmos so any show with Dolby atmos should display Dolby atmos on the sound bar if the language in which you are watching the show has Dolby atmos. This means that a show could say Dolby atmos on the description but not all languages have the Dolby atmos signal.
- Amazon Prime Video has Some shows with Dolby atmos and it’s supported on your Samsung tv using the native app, the problem is that amazon doesn’t mention Dolby atmos on the show description but I know for sure that Jack Ryan UHD has Dolby atmos. I play this show everytime I want to verify the Dolby atmos signal on amazon prime video. The soundbar immediately shows Dolby atmos when I play this show.

Also your q90r doesn’t have eARC so any external device connected to the one connect box will not pass the Dolby atmos signal to the soundbar. If you want to listen Dolby atmos from an External device you will have to connect it directly to the soundbar. I still haven’t found a way to enable pass through on the tv (I have a q90r QLED) but I really don’t think the tv is capable of this at this time. That’s the reason why I Need the eARC update on the tv as well.

Thank you very much for your answer. I found it very usefull. 

I agreed that eARC update in our Q90r TV is very important. Hopefully it will be out soon. It has no sense update the soundbars and don't update the TV's. Thanks again.


if you choose on q90r sound settings, dolby digital plus, dont you receive atmos with netflix?


I don't have Netflix. I only have Prime and Disney +.


I have on Q90 this version of firmware:



Is it fully updated?;-)


@redrumix, Yes you are. I have the exact same versions of the firmware. Some people have some Slight different versionS not sure why but it could be based on the type of soundbar they have and also based on which firmware version they are updating from. I also have the HW-Q90r soundbar with the exact same firmware version of yours.

Did this solve any  lip sync issues you had without eArc?


For me; Yes, i had some major lip-sync issues with my cable box. Since the eARC update they are gone.


Yea, all sync issues with my xbox x plugged directly into my C9 have been fixed with eARC update. Super happy, was about to buy the new LG sound bar and sell my Q90r, but think I'll hang onto it now


finally i got update values ​​for HW-Q70R. They are the same as for the Q80:

M -  0128.0 

B -  1010.5

H -  0051.0 

FD -  0040.0 

W -  0033.0 

S - 0033.0

R - 0033.0 (Only if you have rear speakers, in this case mine are swa-8500s)

I hope I have helped those who have the same soundbar, and I look forward to the update for QLED TVs, mine is a Q70 ....




I've only tested it once but lips sync issues are still present with the Xbox one X connected directly to the C9 with Dolby Atmos On. With Dolby Atmos OFF in the same configuration works fine. eARC has made no change in that regard but because I keep reading here that everyone says it's fine now I will test again. I just left Dolby Atmos off via the Xbox one x and use atmos on all other devices. 

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