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What is going on with eARC update for the soundbar HW-Q90R?


Hi everyone,


I need some clarification, as to be honest the Samsung support staff are hopeless with knowing anything about their own products. 

I was on chat with support enquiring about the eARC firmware update for this soundbar, he replies to me saying it doesn't have eARC?! 

the whole reason I purchased it was because of this update, I have the LG C9 which is eARC!


if they don't provide this firmware update to allow it, then this soundbar is going back for a refund. 

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@Amburz57 wrote:

The solution to all our eARC problems have Just arrived from LG in the form of the new LG SN11 RG 7.1.4 Sound bar which supports Dolby Atmos and DTS-X over eARC. It has Two satellite speakers with up firing drivers which was missing from the previous iteration and all the trimming the Samsung Q90r has as well as Meridian audio technology. I think after being lied to for almost a year my Samsung with regards to this elusive eARC update, a company that obviously do not respect or value there customers, I think I'm going to sell my Q90r Sound bar and upgrade to the LG version to pair with my LG C9 TV. Link to check out the LG bar:

Just watched the video. Would look perfect in combination with my LG C9. I only think the rear speaker are even bigger then the Q90R's. At least they look a bit (sorry if this is not perfect english) longer than the rear speakers of the Q90R. 

Mine are wall mounted and they are allready quite big so the LG's are a bit too much in my opinion. 

I’m doing the same the LG 2020 sounds great tbh Samsung have screwed everyone over for far too long and it’ll be the last time I ever buy from them again
I’m afraid that Steve Withers and others reviewers are quite responsible for these false expectations. If this update never happens will be unforgivable. I’m very upset with Samsung and their inoperacional behaviour but I won’t trust anymore on any specialised TV and audio reviews .
I agree, but I’m almost certain that eARC update is never going to come, they haven’t even fixed the connectivity issues properly. It’s all a mess!

It's a shame indeed. If I am honest I did not but the HW-Q90R for EARC because I didn't know what it was but I checked lots and lots of reviews on real HiFi websites and boards and everyone praised that soundbar it like it was the next best thing. 

I am still confused why they all loved it so much as it has so many flaws...??




@jobean wrote:

@JFarol wrote:

I couldnt wait anymore and just returned the Q90R back to the retailer yesterday.  Aside from the eARC update i was having a lot of issues with the ARC port not detecting an HDMI device that is connected to the TV.  It would be stuck in D. In and not recognize an ARC TV source.  Unplugging the bar and plugging it back in fixed the issues for a day or so.


I actually took the plunge and got a Denon 1600 reciever and built up a 5.1.2 system with Bowers and Wilkins speakers.  May cost a little more but there is already eARC support on it and has 6 HDMI ins with 1 HDMI out.


Sorry Samsung, you lost a ton of customers with this fiasco.

I understand. That is a really nice setup you got now. A bit more high end I think :winking-face: Enjoy it!

The cost was only $200 more for the 'higher end'. Worth it to rid of all the headaches.

LG seems to have delivered what most of us were expecting from the Samsung soundbar (eARC support). I am not one of the lucky ones who got the opportunity to return the Samsung soundbar so I'll have to keep it for a while. To make my case worst I bought both, the Samsung soundbar and the Samsung tv, so I'm stuck with 2 Samsung products and spent about $4400 on false promises. 
más someone mentioned before, Smash g lost a customer on the first sale. Not that I'm saying that the soundbar is bad. It delivers great sound (at least in my case and I do t have connectivity issues) but I bought it because of future eARC update and the possibility to have real atmos quality sound, I would t have paid $1400 to have 5.1 Dolby. I can get that from a much cheaper system. 
Lesson learned, bye bye Samsung, See you soon Lg. 

I wish you could hear what a bunch of whiny children you all sound like. You nit-pick this sound bar like you guys have some audiophile wet dream home theater room.
It's a sound bar. Let me say that again. IT'S A SOUND BAR!!

I have a q90r TV and sound bar. I like them both, a lot. The TV is beautiful. Is it better than OLED? No, but I didn't pay OLED prices either. The sound bar is light years ahead of the TV speakers. Is it as good as my Klipsch Reference speakers? No, but the sound bar cost me less than my RC-7 Center Channel did. It's still loud and clear enough that I can't turn it up more than 1/2 way without the Mrs complaining. That should be plenty for all but the top 1% of the top 1% of use cases.

Even without E-ARC the system performs amazingly well with audio sources I've used. The surrounds and sub have not dropped out or lost connection, even a single time in my setup. If you are having issues, maybe you should look elsewhere and stop blaming your sound bar for ruining your life. Also, swearing off some company because they delayed a free update is hysterical. If it was ready, they would have released it, don't you think? Maybe it's because of your constant complaining that they have delayed it because OMG If they would have released it and it didn't work perfectly...

You all need some perspective. Don't both responding, I don't care what you think.

Dude ,chill’s not all about lossy vs lossless thing...I have more devices that I need to plug in in Soundbar...Nvidia Shield,Xbox One X ,PS4,ATV....if there was eARC I could plug it all in tv and one cable to soundbar...So if somebody wants to listen lossless audio on their q90r,that’s their right...they have been promised eARC update and they have the right to be p**** are right,most of the people couldn’t make a difference between lossy over lossless but they bought this soundbar to have the best at very high my point taken.

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